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Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion and does not reflect the opinion of any church that I’m connected to. BET is not compensating me for this review and did not ask me to review their show.

BET recently launched a new T.V. show called “Reed Between the Lines” in the hopes of bringing back the family sitcom. It’s about two doctors, the husband is a professor and the wife is a psychologist, juggling marriage, careers and children. They have three children, two of which belong to the mother. The youngest child is the couple’s biological child together. They are a blended family, which I think is refreshingly nice since the majority of today’s families are blended. The writing is good. The production is good. The acting is good. I actually like the show. I don’t think that I’d let K watch it, but it’s a nice show to watch with the hubby.

The only problem that I have with the show is its overt sexuality. Every time the husband and wife interact, their conversation contains some kind of sexual innuendo. I understand that they are trying to convey that the husband and wife are really into each other, but you can convey a deep love and appreciation without being overtly sexual. The sexual innuendo drives my husband and me crazy every time we watch it! Last night, the show dealt with pornography. The teenage son was sneaking up at night to watch pornography on the computer. Of course, they addressed the issue from a worldly perspective. The parents chalked it up to “boys being boys.” The parents even watched a little bit of the pornographic videos and jokingly asked one another if they could “recreate the act.” Argh! That episode was a problem.

I don’t expect mainstream television to reinforce Christian principles to children. This is BET we’re talking about. But, my critique of BET is that if you’re going to market the show as a family and kid-friendly show, make sure the content is family appropriate.

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  1. I appreciate your review because I have not watched this show at all. I agree. You can't expect too much seeing that it is on BET.

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