Chompers’ two new teeth!
At 6 months old, K has reached yet another milestone. He has 2 new teeth.

They started breaking through his gums on the bottom about 2 weeks ago, and now, they’re here! This made me and my husband very emotional because it seems as if the time is just flying by. He’ll be driving before we know it!

K is also eating many different kinds of foods. Thanks to my ingenuity and determination to make his baby food. He’s eating bananas, peas, sweet potatoes and applesauce. We’re slowly adding a new food every week.

However, there is a downside to all of this progress. K’s bitten me three or four times while nursing. Yes, he bit me, and it completely shocked me! K and I were having a peaceful moment, and all of sudden, I felt him bite down on me.  It felt like a razor blade slicing me open. I screamed and pulled him off immediately. K just smiled and giggled.  He didn’t know why Mommy screamed.  Now, I’m afraid–VERY AFRAID–of breastfeeding. I want to breastfeed him until he’s one year old, but how do I stop him from biting me?  Now, I pray every time I nurse him.  I guess this is bringing me closer to the Lord because I’m certainly calling on his name when I nurse now.

How do you veteran Mommies stop your little ones from biting?

6 Replies to “Bitten by the Love Bug”

  1. That was your favorite milestone? Hehe…to each their own, not fans of teething over here, but still exciting right?

  2. My little guy has the same two teeth. 🙂 It's so cute!! Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions about the biting. :/

    (ps/ Found you through TAT.)

  3. Yeah. I thought I had at least a month and a half to go. Every baby is different. One mom told me 8 months. Another mom told me her daughter's teeth came in at 3 MONTHS! Geesh.

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