Sleeping through the night!
Parents are WINNING!

K reached a milestone in the last week. He learned how to position himself in his crib. He now sleeps through the night Praise God! Who knew that putting K in the wrong position in the crib is what’s been keeping him and us up all of these months? Of course, we’ve been following the guidelines to prevent SIDS and have been placing him flat on his back, but as we discovered this week, K’s preferred sleeping position is on his side or his stomach. Now, during the night he rolls onto his side or flips onto his stomach. Since I’m a paranoid Mommy, I flip him back to his back. He’s stayed asleep though and the husband and I are getting some much needed rest! Things at night have become much smoother now that K has learned to get himself into position.

A year or so ago, TD Jakes launched somewhat of a campaign for Christians to get into position. He surmised that God wanted to bless his children but couldn’t until they got into position to receive what God had for them. Getting into position meant that they had to end bad relationships, stop sinful habits and line up with the Word of God. And although I don’t subscribe to all the teachings of TD Jakes, this is a great point. Imagine how many things in our lives would go a lot smoother if we got into position? I think back to when I lived outside of the will of God and nothing ever seemed to line up. The jobs I had were horrible. Relationships constantly failed. I never had any money. Then, miraculously, once I turned my life back over to Jesus Christ, things started lining up. I found a job that I loved. The salary wasn’t super high, but God provided. Eventually I met the man
that I’d spend the rest of my life with and things started to flow much easier. All I had to do was get into position.

We tried so many tricks to get K to sleep all night. We overfed him. We played white noise. We kept him up all day. We rocked him until he fell limp, but these tricks never consistently worked. We had to patiently wait until K could roll by himself into a comfortable position. In the same way, you can try as many tricks in your life as you want, but you’ll see that things will never consistently line up. You may be able to get away with some things for a little while, but eventually it’ll all start falling apart. I believe that’s the divine lesson for us. We need to get into position by aligning ourselves with the Word of God and we need to patiently wait on the Holy Spirit to do his perfecting work. Once we do that, we’ll get some much needed spiritual rest. We’ll have more peace and more joy and we’ll have the blessed assurance that we’re in the will of God.

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