If you’re married or have ever been married, then you know that husbands do the craziest things. Maybe it’s because “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, but men tend to do the most dumbfounding things. No, I don’t think that I’m perfect or do everything right. BUT, the things that I do generally tend to make sense or are logical. LOL! I find that my husband does the craziest, most nonsensical things. For example, I’ll come home and find K dressed in the zaniest, mismatched outfit, or my husband will use K’s butt rag for his face. Argh! My husband does the craziest things!

In my household’s latest episode of “Husband’s Do the Craziest Things”, I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, when I looked over at my husband’s coffee pot (I don’t drink coffee like that). I wanted to get it ready for him to use tomorrow so I cleaned it. When I opened the top of the coffee maker, I found an old filter with rotten coffee beans in it. OK, no biggie. He’s done that before. However, once I tried to lift the filter out of the coffee maker, I discovered that my dear, sweet husband taped the paper filter to the coffee maker with thick, packing, shipping tape. Oh my goodness! It could have caused a fire—my poor husband. SMH.

Does your husband do crazy things?

I came home one day and K was dressed like this. Notice the two layered shirts. Not an undershirt, but a shirt under a shirt.


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