So, I haven’t really posted anything this week because I’ve been trying to nurture my spirit away from the computer.  Maybe it’s the holidays, but I’m feeling very overwhelmed with the things that I have to do at home, taking care of K, cleaning up, and cooking.  All I made for dinner this week was tacos.  For me, that’s an epic fail coming after a glorious Thanksgiving dinner.  My husband didn’t mind though.  He’s so understanding.  Of course, my little pumpkin is just as happy as a lark.  He doesn’t know that Mommy’s is trying to motivate herself to put the clothes away and pull out the Christmas decorations.   I’ve been trying to find comfort in the Word and have been allowing the Lord to encourage me.  He keeps telling me that “apart from Him, I can do nothing.”  That is so true.  I’m learning how to call on Jesus for the smallest of tasks even if it means praying for the motivation to sweep the floors. 
In the meantime, I will get back to posting regularly!  I promise!

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  1. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you:) I have those days when I am just completely worn out, and the kids are go, go, go, those are the days I call sandwich days and ,momma is laying on the couch and relaxing LOL. For even Jesus ordain a day of rest and being pregnant I feel like every day should be a day of rest;But if I did that, I would have no home. LOL I look forward to reading your next post, God Bless and have a wonderful weekend.

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