The ladies at the beauty salon will be happy to know that I finally started K on rice cereal!  Yippee!  K is 5 months old, so I didn’t wait until he was 6 months.  I started him on the cereal because he displays all of the “I’m ready to chow down” signs.

·         Whenever Mommy and Daddy eat, K wants to be at the table with us.
·         He grabs everything we put into our mouths.
·         He can hold his head and upper body up.
·         He doesn’t seem satisfied with just breast milk or formula.
So, I caved and started him on the cereal.  But, because I’m a wannabe earthy, cloth diapering, milk pumping, homeschooling, arts and crafts Mommy, I gave him Earth’s Best brown rice cereal.  He seems to like it and after 4 days, he hasn’t exhibited any signs of an allergic reaction.  So, I guess we’re good to go.  This weekend I’m going to introduce bananas!  K is in for a treat!  Of course, to go along with my wannabe earthy mom image, I’m going to buy a food processor or some type of puree machine.  As you can see I have no idea what to buy, but I’m going to find out!
I would like to say however that although I caved in before K turned 6 months, he did start sleeping through the night without adding the rice cereal to his bottle.  So…I was right!  1st time Mama does knows best!  LOL!  It’s 1 for Rev. Mommy and 0 for the ladies at the salon!  Just kidding!  In the meantime, here’s my little one at his 1st solid-food meal.
1st Bite
“It’s not so bad Mommy”

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