As a new Mommy, it’s hard to find time for myself.  It seems as if I’m always changing diapers, nursing, washing clothes, making baby food or doing some kind of domestic duty.  I’m definitely not complaining because I love being a wife and mother.  But, I do have to nurture my own spirit so that I can have something to give back to my husband and son.  Plus, I need to nurture my relationship with God.  Apart from Him, I can do nothing.  So, I’ve come up with a few ways that mommies can spend time with God with an infant.

     1.  During Naptime – In my house, K’s morning nap is when I get to take a shower, but for other mommies, this can be a time for prayer or for your devotionals.  It’ll be quiet and you can concentrate on hearing from God.  If your baby sleeps for 1 to 2 hours, you can really dig deep into the Word.
2.   In the Shower – Yes, in the shower!  I love praying in the shower because I’m alone and I’m relaxed.  I can really be naked and unashamed before the Lord–literally.  LOL!  But if you’re a multi-tasker like me, the shower is a great place to pray.

3.   Riding in the Car – If your little one is like my little boy, then he or she loves car rides which means they are usually quiet.  The car is great too because whether your little one is quiet or not, you can still listen to Bible CDs.  My favorite CDs are The Bible Experience.  The Bible Experience really brings the Word to life.  I can cover mass amounts of scripture in little time too which is great for busy mommies!

4.   While Walking Around Your Neighborhood – My little one is so busy taking in the sights of the outdoors, that he doesn’t usually make a sound during our walks.  This can be a great time for you to take in nature’s beauty and reflect on the goodness of God.  It can also be a great time to pray and hear from God.

5.   At the Beauty Salon – I make every effort to get my hair done every two weeks.  Every other week, I reserve Saturday morning as my time.  While I’m away and relaxing at the beauty parlor, I can catch up on my reading and take time to go over lessons that I weren’t able to study during the week.  The beauty parlor or the spa is a great place to do some devotional reading.
6.   When the Little One is Tucked In for the Night – This one is obvious.  When the children are asleep, that’s when we can get everything done that we didn’t get done during the day.  Reading the Word, praying and spending time with God are some of those things.  This is the perfect time to spend time with God because the house is quiet and you are winding down from the day.  Spending time with God at night is also great because it helps you sleep peacefully.
These are my top ways to spend time with God while taking care of a little one.  What are some of yours?

8 Replies to “Ways to Spend Time with God When You Have an Infant”

  1. This post is absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas and suggestions. You seem like a strong woman and mama! I love it! You have a BEAUTIFUL family. Found you via the Paris blog hop. I admit, the title of your blog reeled me in! HA HA! TOO FUNNY and clever!! Stop by and say hi sometime, if you can.

  2. I pray while I am nursing or washing dishes. I sometimes will pull up some scripture on the computer and read it while I nurse. Found your lovely blog on the Thursday almost Friday hop. Hope you can pop by and follow along with us.

  3. Thanks for stopping over at Renee's Joy Journey (Party in Paris Fridays). I love your words of encouragement and reminders of how to connect with God as you care for the one God gave you. You gift of mothering is beautiful.

    Love, Renee

  4. Thank you for reading! @Cheryl – Yes! I forgot to include while nursing. Nursing is definitely a peaceful moment to pray or read.

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