It has been a battle trying to get K to eat more table food. He’s been very resistant to chewing. He doesn’t have a problem eating pureed vegetables, but when I try to give him whole veggies, he spits them out. One food that he hasn’t rejected and absolutely LOVES is pasta. K can eat pasta every day and be happy. As a result, I’ve been trying to find creative ways to make him eat his veggies. When my church served an Italian Pasta Salad this week, I thought that this dish would be the perfect way to get K to eat more fresh veggies! And guess what? It was! He ate every last bite. So here’s my little recipe for Italian Pasta Salad.

1. Chop up and steam fresh broccoli
2. Boil some whole grain thin spaghetti
3. Chop up several cherry tomatoes into pieces small enough for baby to chew
4. Grate fresh carrots
5. Drain the broccoli and spaghetti
6. Add both to a large mixing bowl. Add the tomatoes and grated carrots. Stir.
7. Make your own or add your favorite Italian salad dressing.
8. Chill overnight and serve cold the next day!

Baby will love it! What are some creative ways you get your baby to eat his or her vegetables?

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