For several months, I have not posted about any of my ministerial endeavors, and you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the ministry?” Well, here’s my ministerial update. I’m still actively serving at my church. I’m an Itinerant Elder in an A.M.E. Church, but I’ve dialed back my involvements since having K. I serve in the pulpit once a month and I’ve taken a hiatus from visiting the sick and shut in. I’ve taken a hiatus because it’s very difficult to make visits with a rambunctious 9-month old, and since my husband works at another church as the Minister of Music, I have little to no help on Sundays. After a two-hour church service, K wants to go home!

One of the projects that I am working on at church is I’m writing scripts for video announcements that encourage the members to move from membership to discipleship. It’s a fun project because it gets my creative juices flowing and I love to write. I can also do it from the comfort of my home. However, it is challenging to think of creative ways to present the gospel in 30-second vignettes, but I’m up for the challenge.

I also work at another church where I assist the Senior Pastor. I consider this a major part of my ministry. I believe the Lord has me in an “Elisha” role serving an “Elijah” because one day, I’ll take up the pastoring mantle. Both my husband and I feel called to pastor. We know that ultimately the Lord will have us in that role. But, right now, I’m learning how to be a servant and how to minister to and reach people for Christ in ways other than preaching. I’m learning how a phone call, going above and beyond to help a member get what they need, or how helping the Pastor can reach people for the Kingdom. The Lord is showing me how every action matters. Although the task may seem small, every seed planted for the Kingdom of God counts, and the harvest will be great!

Rev. Mrs. Mommy

However, I believe at this season in my life the Lord is establishing my ministry at home. I’m learning how to serve my husband and son for Christ. This is my first ministry. I never want to be the kind of minister who leads thousands to Christ, but my family is in disarray. I want my witness to be that I’m a respectful, loving, humble and selfless wife and mother. More than the accolades that come from mainstream ministry, I want my husband and children to rise and call me blessed (Proverbs 31:28)! That’s what I want! I want the Lord to see that I was faithful at home first!

So this is where I am in ministry right now. If you serve in your church, how did things change for you once you had children?

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