2 Replies to “(VIDEO) “Will the Real God Please Stand Up””

  1. Lauren, you made me cry and shout in my kitchen. You were awesome my darling! I am so very proud of you. I sent your video link to women of Shiloh for consideration of you as a participant during our Annual Wowen’s Retreat in August. I am not sure what plans they may have already, however, I wanted them to hear this powerful and annoited Woman of God and my niece!

    Oh I enjoyed you so much. Sending to Des and Tammy, too. Hallelujah!!! You are still standing! What a powerful word from God! Thank you! I love you. Please promise me that you will let me know again when you will preach so I can attend. It does not matter if it is 8 am or 11 am. Love you, Aunt till

    The children are beautiful and darling!

  2. Exegesis and exposition ain’t got nuthin on Experience…you preached a GOOD word sis!
    I love you, I support you and you are in my thoughts and prayers!

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