Maybe God is trying to tell you something?
Maybe God is trying to tell you something?

Yesterday, I was driving to the store after church, and I drove past a church whose billboard read, “Is it well with your soul?” The question stirred my spirit and figuratively stopped me in my tracks because we always hear people in church say, “It is well with soul,” but we rarely hear them raise the question.

This is profound to me because many people want to know how to hear from God, and they want to know if they’re making the right decisions in life or if they’re doing what God called them to do. Well, I would like to suggest that whatever your question is whether it’s about a relationship, job, move, person or ministry endeavor ask yourself, “Is it well with my soul?”

You see, a major way God speaks to us is through the unsettling of our spirit. God will trouble your spirit if you’re making a bad decision. Have you ever dated someone and you knew you weren’t supposed to be dating that person, and you didn’t have any peace in your spirit? Well, that’s God trying to tell you something. Have you ever entered a building or home, and you felt uneasy being there? That’s God trying to tell you something. Those who follow “New Age” religions talk about how we can sense bad energy whether that’s from a person or certain environment. However, I know as a believer that it’s the work of the Holy Spirit. God will reveal to you things about people, places and situations. That is if you avail yourself to Him and are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Also, if you haven’t received Jesus Christ, this doesn’t apply to you because the gift of the Holy Spirit comes from Him. Now, God will speak to you and reveal things to you to draw you to Himself, but a daily walk and communication comes from being in right relationship with Him.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” John 14:27 (NIV).

God is the author of peace, and if you are making the wrong move or decision, God will trouble your spirit to get your attention. He will allow your peace to be disturbed so you will seek Him for counsel and direction. Think about all of the things going on in your life and ask yourself, “Is it well with my soul?” If not, seek God through the Word and prayer. He will give you the answers you need.

Remember when God saved the Israelites from Haman’s scheme to kill them in the book of Esther? God initiated the plan by troubling the king’s spirit one night so he couldn’t sleep (Esther 6). Remember when God kept calling young Samuel at night (1 Samuel 3). God wouldn’t allow the boy to sleep so He could speak to Samuel. These are instances of people’s sleep being interrupted, but God can trouble your spirit when you’re wide awake. You just have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You have to develop spiritual discernment, so you will know when God is trying to tell you something throughout the day with each step you take and with each person you encounter.

I love the song, “God is Trying to Tell You Something.” The lyrics say, “I couldn’t sleep at night, and I was wondering why. Maybe God is trying to tell you something.”

The notorious scene from “The Color Purple.”

Is God trying to tell you something today? Is it well with your soul? Why don’t you seek Him and find out.

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