It may look ready on the outside, but what's the inside looking like?
It may look ready on the outside, but what’s the inside looking like?

In my ministerial experience, I find that many people struggle with hearing from God. Many people feel like God is absent or silent about what’s going on in their life.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. God speaks all of the time. However, are we paying attention?

God taught me a lesson this morning through a very mundane motherly task. My children woke me up bright and early this morning. They don’t care that it’s Saturday. They still get up at 7 AM. Like clockwork, they popped up, and as soon as they saw me open my eyes, they started shouting their requests for breakfast. I reluctantly rolled over and proceeded downstairs to make my son’s favorite—pancakes.

I mixed the batter and heated the skillet. My children are not the type of kids who play until the food is ready or occupy themselves while mommy is cooking. No. They stand in front of the stove, jumping up and down, whining and begging for their breakfast like they have never eaten a meal before in their lives. From mommy’s perspective, it’s very annoying. They don’t care if they see me pour the batter in the skillet or flip the pancake, they cry and whine until I put the food in front of them because they want their breakfast NOW! They do not like to wait.

Don't play with her food!
Don’t play with her food!

So, to make them stop whining, crying and tugging at my shirt this morning, I tried to rush a pancake for my two-year old daughter. I put the pancake on the plate and proceeded to cut it up. As I was cutting it up, I saw that the pancake was still a little mushy on the inside even though it was perfectly brown on the outside. I had no other choice but to throw the pieces back into the skillet, and my precious little girl had to wait. She was not happy.

That’s when the Lord spoke to my spirit. This is what God taught me in a nutshell.

There are many things that I pray about, beg the Lord for, jump up and down for, turn around in three circles in church for, but the Lord said, He cannot give me what I am asking for BEFORE it’s prepared. He cannot bless me with what I’m praying for because it’s not the right time. It’s not ready. It’s still mushy inside. If He gave it to me to appease my whining, I wouldn’t be able to eat it, enjoy it, use it, handle it or work with it because (insert drumroll here) IT’S NOT READY or better yet, I’M NOT READY.

So, whatever you’re crying to God for, pleading to God for, just keep waiting on God. It’s not that He hasn’t heard you or that He doesn’t see you. It’s just that your “pancake” is not ready yet. Allow God to do His perfect work in His perfect time. When it’s time, it’ll be greater than you’ve ever imagined. Eyes have not seen. Ears have not heard. Neither has it entered into the hearts of people what God has prepared for those who love Him. It’s coming!

Has God ever taught you a divine lesson through a domestic duty?

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