Archives for July 3, 2018

Partner Post: Recovering After An Injury: Mind, Body & Soul

After the initial treatment and discharge, your journey with a serious injury might not be over just yet. Short-term disabilities after injuries are far from uncommon. But you can do a lot more than wait it out. In fact, failing to think about how you’re going to recover, and cope can lead to a lot more challenges than you might expect. We’re going to look at some of the challenges now and ways … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Even Veteran DIY Janes Shouldn’t Attempt These Fixes

If there’s a combination of words that every woman with a penchant and talent for DIY hates it’s “get a man in”. Aside from the obvious gender bias, we don’t like the idea of relying on others for help. DIY fixes and hacks may have once been a tradition passed from father to son, but DIY is just one of the many things that has been democratized by the digital domain. No longer are we reliant upon … [Read more...]