Archives for December 11, 2018

Partner Post: Parental Advisory: How To Lead By Example As A Mom

Image Once we have kids, it’s down to us to teach them and provide them with the tools to succeed. And, it all starts in the early stages of life when they begin to talk and interact. Parents who don’t communicate healthily teach their children the same bad habits which may hold them back in the future. Even worse, some of us may not realize the kids are watching. If they are, they’re taking … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Keep Your Home Safe in Winter

Winter is in full swing, and depending which part of the world that you live in, you are likely to be experiencing some winter weather too. From snow and ice, to storms and hail, the weather in winter can be fun in ways, but also pretty dangerous in a number of other ways. The days are shorter too, meaning much less daylight. So taking some time to ‘winterize’ your home can be a really good idea. … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Make Your Small Rooms Look Bigger

It doesn’t matter how big our homes are; They never seem big enough! However, if your house is quite small, chances are, you wish it were a lot larger. Unfortunately, unless you plan to build extensions, it’s impossible to increase the physical space itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do more with what you already have. Regardless of its size, there are always ways to make your home look a … [Read more...]