Life can get us all down from time to time, and whether our problems are large or relatively small, we can all remain floored permanently if we don’t have the will to get back on our feet once we’re knocked down by fate.

After suffering personal hardships or tragedies, or going through a prolonged period of melancholy or depression, many people will reflexively fall into a slump where they may not be at rock bottom, but are nowhere near achieving their potential, either.

In these cases it’s important to make a choice to get involved with life again, to uplift ourselves, and to be a beacon of hope and stability to those who might depend on us.

Here are some simple habits you can adopt in order to begin improving your life and boosting your mood once more.

Begin waking up earlier

When people fall into a state of depression, one of the first things that tends to happen is that their sleep-wake cycles are radically thrown off course.

Needless to say, sleeping all day and staying awake all night is no good for anyone’s mental health, and research has suggested that night shift workers are more prone to depressive moods and various health conditions than people working normal hours.

Waking up early in the morning may have a profound effect on your mood and productivity, once your body has adjusted to the new routine. Suddenly, the day will seem to stretch far longer. Not only that, but those extra hours will be spent in daylight, not darkness.

Waking up early also helps us to get a jump on the day and to build positive momentum before others have even stepped out of bed.

Those quiet hours before the world wakes up can be spent working, planning for the day, or in quiet reflection and grounding.

Focus on doing one small thing each day that will make things somehow better

The world is filled with things to be upset about, and when we feel like making an improvement in some area of our lives, there is an almost-limitless number of things we could be doing, or could be doing better.

Knowing this, we can easily end up feeling disheartened and coming away with the sense that it’s all too complex and futile.

Take a step back and take a deep breath.

We don’t improve things by becoming stressed and hopeless. We improve things by doing at least one, small thing each day to make things better in some sense. Even small acts like making the bed or smiling at an old lady have a positive effect.

Take care of yourself and your needs

Often when our moods are low, we fall into the trap of neglecting our well being and our needs. We may still attend to our duties on behalf of others, but we’ll often almost punish ourselves by letting our appearance, comfort, and dignity fall by the wayside.

Begin to take back control of your life. Do those things for yourself that make you stand a little taller, whether that means booking a cosmetic appointment with or getting your hair done.

Take care of yourself, and treat yourself like someone worth a bit of respect and compassion.

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