If you have recently been introduced to someone, who you are feeling a little bit smitten with, you will want to ensure any potential first date is sure to impress. First impressions count, so everything from the type of date and how you look needs to be perfect. If you are left with decision on how to spend a first date, try to be a little creative and avoid the cliche cinema trip at all costs! You have an opportunity to impress big style, so get your thinking cap on.   

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Love makes the world go round, or so the saying goes. There are many introduction service websites available to help you match up with the perfect date, it’s worth giving them a try if previous dates have not quite lived up to expectations due to incompatibility.

The key to a perfect date, is gaining a little background knowledge about what your date is interested in. There’s no point booking a skydiving activity if your date has a phobia to heights!


Bowling is a fun activity, which is a little bit competitive. It will give you the chance to talk and you will also see how they react to a little competition! Bowling is a traditional choice, but ticks all the right boxes. You could follow up the bowling with a meal.


A picnic is a lovely date choice for the summer months. Pack a basket full of delicious treats and head off into the countryside. A picnic will give you ample time to chat and really get to know each other, free from distractions. You could combine the picnic with a walk or visit to a place of interest. A picnic shows that you’ve put effort into planning the date and it is a chance to show off your culinary skills in a relaxed environment.

Book a table

Is there are restaurant in your local area that you’ve always wanted to try? Or perhaps there’s a restaurant where it’s nearly impossible to book a table, due to popularity. Pull out the stops and get a table somehow, even if it means phoning every day to check for cancellations. Your date is sure to be impressed.

Go to a theme park!

Theme parks are fun and full of excitement, just as you would like your date to be! Get the environment right and the rest will follow suit. It really cannot fail, plus there is the opportunity to hold hands on the white knuckle rides!

Try to relax as much as possible on your first date and don’t drink too much alcohol. Let the conversation flow naturally and avoid certain subjects such as talking about yours or their ex!

It’s only your first date, you’re not planning on getting married! You’ll know by the end of it if you want to spend more time together. Don’t worry if it doesn’t live up to expectations, just concentrate on enjoying yourself and have fun. Dating can be enjoyable if you don’t take it too seriously.

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