Air pollution is a big problem these days with so many cars and factories pumping all sorts of toxins into the air. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about air pollution is that you’re safe inside the house. They think that all of the bad stuff is outside where the cars are and the inside of the house is fine. But actually, the insides of buildings are often more polluted than the air outside because there is less air flow. There are also other pollutants from things like cleaning chemicals that you’ll find inside the house as well. Your family is constantly being exposed to all of those pollutants all of the time. If you really want to make your house healthier, you need to sort out the air quality. Here are some simple ways you can do it.


Keep The Floors Clean

Household dust is one of the biggest sources of air pollutants and it collects in the carpets and on the floors of your house. That’s why keeping the floors clean is the easiest way to prevent air pollution around the house. Make sure that you vacuum the floors every couple of days at least and mop any hard floors on a regular basis as well. Get yourself a decent vacuum cleaner that will get right down into the carpets and pick up all of the dust that is hidden deep down. You also need to clean out the filters in the vacuum so it’s working properly.

Clean Chimneys

A wood burning fire is a great feature in a home but it does come with its issues. That fire creates a lot of smoke and soot so you need to be careful about cleaning and maintaining it properly. The first thing to remember is that you need proper ventilation so none of the smoke is getting out into the house. You also need to have a residential chimney cleaning come in at least once a year to give the chimney a proper clean out. That will get rid of the excess soot and smoke residue and stop it from leaking out into the house.

Check For Lead Paint

If you live in an older house, there is a chance that there might be lead paint on the walls. That’s incredibly dangerous if the paint gets broken because it will release dangerous toxins into the air. You need to get a surveyor in to check all of the paint and make sure that none of it is dangerous. If it is, have somebody safely remove it right away so you can repaint using a safer paint.

Watch The Humidity

Dust mites and mold are another big source of air pollution and they thrive on moisture. That’s why it’s important that you watch the humidity levels in your house. You can pick up a dehumidifier for the house fairly cheap. It’s worth putting it on when you’re showering or cooking with boiling water to stop the humidity from getting too high.

If you don’t watch the air quality in your home, it could have long lasting effects on your health.

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