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When we visit people’s houses, we always have a little nosey at their dining area. We love it. It’s that place where people either make a great effort or leave it utterly forgotten until three days before Thanksgiving. Obviously, we prefer the former. It doesn’t matter whether you have a stand-alone dining room or one that’s incorporated into your open-plan living space, the dining area needs to be three things: functional, practical and breathtaking.

It’s that part of a home that needs to feel a certain way when you walk into it. You should know when you are entering a dining room. You should be hit by a gentle wave of wow, the kind that says you’re enjoying a formal occasion, even if that’s in a super-casual way.

So, without further ado, here are our top tips on how to create a dining room in your home that’s nothing short of delectable:

  1. Width Is The Winner

The ideal width of dining table should be 110cm. That will allow you to create the most perfect table setting with plenty of space for your platters of food, pretty table decorations, wow-factor centerpieces, restaurant quality napkins, mix and match glassware, candles, bottles and bottles of wine and yet, most importantly, encourage the conversation to flow every which way.

  1. Rugs Are For Definition

If you have a dining area that’s part of an open-planned space, you can sometimes get the feeling your table and chairs are a little bit lost at sea, without any defining marker that says this is the dining room. That’s where a rug comes in. It doesn’t matter what style you go for, what colour you prefer or what pattern makes your heart flutter; you just need to pick a rig that’s roughly 60cm wider than your table on each side. That’s the golden rule of rug definition.

  1. Height Needs A Thought

Nothing will ruin your dining room more than having eight gorgeous chairs that don’t fit under your beautiful table. So always bring them together and check the height before you commit to purchasing. As for styles, the pairing we absolutely cannot get enough of at the moment is old, rustic tables paired with modern chairs. It’s a contrast that works on so many levels (but only if their heights match up).

  1. Open Room Flow

For those that have an open-planned home, but one that’s not necessarily massive, one of the best things you can do to improve the flow is get a round dining table. It won’t just open up the space or compliment the angles of your room, it will lend itself to the room by boosting the flow (including the flow of traffic). This is because round tables come with a certain wavy element that changes the feeling of a space. No sharp edges or corners.

  1. Lighting Is Life

Most rooms in the house thrive from having lamps. It’s how to create the kind of ambiance you want. But the secret to a great dining room vibe is to have overhead lighting that creates a more distinguished focal point. Pendant lights, chandeliers, anything that will make the table feel more important and the center of the room the life and soul of the party (which spotlights fail to do).

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