There is never a bad time to declutter your home – you will create more space and less stress for yourself if you do – but if you are intending to put your house on the market, then you do need to make decluttering a priority. Sure, it’s yet another thing to add to your list of chores, but there are some very good reasons why you should. Read our decluttering tips to help you deal with the process,, and then consider the following.

5 reasons to declutter before a house move

Reason #1: It will help you to sell your house

When showing prospective buyers around your home, the last thing they want is your ‘stuff’ getting in the way of their viewing. They need to have the opportunity to envisage themselves living in your home, and they can’t do that if your belongings confront them in every room. Decluttering to create more space for the viewing is a must.

Reason #2: You will have less to do later on

The moving process is stressful, and part of that is because of the packing you will have to do. Finding boxes to accommodate all of your belongings is hard enough, and trying to squeeze everything in is even harder. By decluttering early, and by donating or selling items you don’t really need, you will make this part of the moving process easier when you finally get round to packing away your stuff.

Reason #3: You can make yourself some money

The moving process is stressful, and that is further compounded by the expense. Putting down money on the down payment is one thing, but then there are all the other expenses, from realtor fees to removal costs. You are going to feel the pinch, but this is where decluttering comes in handy. By using online marketplaces such as Amazon or, you can make money from any items that you won’t be needing in your new home. The money you earn can then go towards paying for your moving costs, as well as giving you the means to furnish your new property.

Reason #4: You will save on removal costs

Simply put, the more stuff you have to carry with you to your new accommodation, the more you are going to have to pay on removal costs. This is one expense you can definitely cut down on if you can declutter and get rid of unnecessary items ahead of time, so considering your poor bank balance again, let this be another reason to remove anything within your home that is surplus to requirements.

Reason #5: You will have a fresh (and tidy) start in your new home

Finally, if your clutter is getting you down in your current home, the last thing you want is to suffer the woes of your mounting stuff in your new home. Give yourself a fighting chance of happiness then, and declutter before you make the transition. The more things you get rid of now, the less you will have to clutter up your beautiful new home later on. Then follow these commandments to help you keep a tidy home for longer.

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