A parents’ role is to protect and provide for their child, and part of this responsibility is ensuring that your little one is as healthy and happy as possible. Sadly, this is something that many parenting books and advice sites can make look incredibly difficult. However, we are here to remind you that having a healthy and happy child doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can follow the guide in the post below to help you achieve this goal.

Model good eating

One way in which you can ensure your child is as healthy and happy as possible is to feed them a nutritious diet. Of course, this often means that parent has to take a long hard look at what and how they eat as well if they are set to be a good role model for the kids.

In particular getting the little one involved with cooking, baking, and even gardening and growing fruit and veg is enough to spark their interest in this area.

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You can also set aside a small area of your garden specifically for the kids and allow them to tend and grow their own edible plants including carrots, potatoes, and cut and grow lettuces. Many kids also enjoy growing fruit tree and simple pots of herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary as well.

Remember that getting them involved in the growing of fruit and veg is something that will help them to understand the entire process of food production from field to fork. It is also something that can help to highlight the importance of natural, whole food items over those that are mass produced and refined, which is known to be excellent in promoting health.

Include exercise every day (and make it fun)

Exercise is a vital aspect for keeping your child as happy and healthy as possible, and you can encourage them to do this every day by making it as fun as possible. Luckily, this is something that is super easy to do for kids because they don’t see the difference between exercise and play.

In fact, in the summer there are many activities that they can do that will get them up and moving about such as riding their bike around the yard, or on supervised trips with their parents, as well as water balloon fights, and even simple games of tag and catch.

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However, getting them up and moving about in the colder months can be slightly more problematic. In fact, this is where parents need to get a little more creative when it comes to daily activity, but don’t stress because it is still possible.

One way of dealing with this is to pick a fun TV show designed for kids that include some dancing activities. Alternatively, getting them in enrolled in a sports club can help to keep them active during the colder months too, as can simple things like walking to school instead of driving, or even hosting fun, indoor treasure hunts that get them up off the couch and moving their bodies.

Teach them to talk about their emotions

Another critical element of raising a child that is healthy and happy is their emotional wellbeing. In fact, research currently points to the fact that we have an epidemic proportion of mental health issue in the US among minors at the current time. With this in mind, it is essential that you head any problems off at the pass if you can, and to do this is vital that you provide your kids with the vocabulary and the space in which to talk about their emotions.

Providing an emotional vocabulary for your children can help them better express themselves.

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Yes, this is something that can be challenging for parents as well as their kids, especially if you have grown up in a home when this just wasn’t done. However, by arming your child with the tools with which they can learn to identify and discuss their emotional state, you are helping them to be able to recognize when they are struggling. This then gives them the opportunity to ask for help, something that can stop mental health issue getting to the point where they are out of control.

Cornering discussing emotions it can also be useful to use a variety of methods, as well as just talking one to one, or in the family group about how they are feeling. Such methods may include encouraging them to write a diary that can be accessed by adults with their permission later on, or even completing some emotional well-being exercises and worksheets, as this is something that can help to take the pressure and focus off of the child, something that introverted or autistic kids may struggle with.

Encourage spirituality

There are so many studies that show people that have spiritual faith and are involved in a religious community have a much more happy and satisfying life than those that don’t.

Of course, this is something that you can apply to your children’s well-being, and you will find that many churches have a wonderful child and youth program that not only teaches them the essential tenets of the faith but also surround them with a like-minded individual in a warm and friendly community. Something that can help them to develop constructive and supportive friendship that will last a lifetime and bring them much happiness and grace in their future.


To promote this level of spirituality in your children take them to church whenever you can, and don’t be afraid to show them how much your faith means to you and the strength that it gives you in everyday life. After all, if they get into this habit when they are young, it can produce some beautiful fruit for them while they are still children, as well as later on through their life.

Schedule in family time

Family connection and time spent together is another crucial aspect of raising a happy and healthy child. Yes, it is also something that can be incredibly difficult to fit in when you are a family that is working and busy doing the best of for kids that you can.

However, it is always worth setting aside some specific time in the week and at the weekend in which you can enjoy each other company and have a positive experience as a group.

Some families may choose to watch their favorite TV show or movies together to do this, while others may enjoy eating out in a restaurant. Still, others may find that eating around the table several times a week is enough to catch up and keep the family unit as cohesive as possible. Then some families even enjoy things like playing tabletop games together as a bonding experience. Something that you can find out more about in the video below.

Keep up with their medical appointments

It is also essential to look after your child’s medical health and wellbeing for them to be healthy and happy in the long run. In particular, do not forget to keep up with their regular medical appointments such as vaccination, checkups, and dental checks.

After all, these are the times in which any possible problems can be identified, and usually, by finding these early on you are providing the best chance of getting them resolved with the minimum of discomfort for your child.

One way to make this process a little easier is to source a bulk billing medical center that is local to where you live. After all, it’s always much less hassle to get the kids to the doctors when it is as close to home as possible. Otherwise, you may end up loading them up into the car when they are not feeling their best and having to travel a long distance, something that can be very intimidating if you are worried about the current state of their health.

Build up their immune system

Lastly, don’t forget that you can help to avoid and minimize health issues with your children by doing your best to boost their immune systems. This is particularly important because kids will always be exposed to more bacteria and germs when they are in the school system as they are in close contact with thousands of others every day!

To help boost your child’s immune system, you can make sure that their diet is full of things like citrus fruit which are known to be full of vitamin C. Something that is excellent for the health of their immune system.

Of course, you can also give them a little extra help by providing multivitamins, and as these even come in a delicious gummy form, you definitely should not have too much trouble convincing them to take them each morning.

Then there are also supplements such as echinacea which is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic that can be taken for a short period to give your child immune system an added boost. Something that is particularly useful at the beginning and end of term where they are likely to be exposed to the most germs and bacteria and their immunity may be naturally lower.

To sum up, promoting your child’s health and happiness truly does not need to be complicated. In fact, by doing a few basic things such as promoting healthy eating, exercise, emotional and spiritual well-being, as well as looking after their physical health and immune system you can ensure your little one is as happy and healthy as possible during their childhood.

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