You have always considered yourself to be the ultimate hostess when people come to visit your home. Whether you’re entertaining family, friends or your children’s play pals you always want to maintain a welcoming and healthy household for everybody. Recently you have been looking for ways to spruce up the family home and make it a healthier, kinder and more enjoyable place to be overall. Instead of spending thousands on renovations and refurbishments, why not look a bit deeper? Really get to know how your home works and change up the normal routine a little bit. You might want to check you don’t have any pest infestations hidden deep in your mattresses or maybe you need to find a more efficient way of keeping up with recycling. It is these finer details that truly make a house feel like a home, so explore all of your options and make some changes. Every parent wants their family to flourish in a safe, happy and warm environment, where they feel adored every single day. This is so much easier to achieve when everything in your home run smoothly and safely. Consider these seven sensational tweaks that you could make to your household right now.

  1. Bye Bye Bugs

Hidden deep down in the depths of your mattress, carpets, curtains and rugs could be tiny little mites just waiting to bite you in your sleep. If you have never had your home inspected for Bed bugs, then now might be the ideal time to do it. You can’t run a healthy household if your bed is riddled with pests; there might be more hiding than you think. Bed bugs are extremely to get rid of once they are discovered, so it is best to seek out help from professionals who know what they are doing. You might need to buy new mattresses or carpets if any are discovered. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so seek out advice on how to prevent them as well.


  1. Touch Ups and Tweaks

Now you have peace of mind that your house is clear from critters and creepy crawlies you can start making those much needed tweaks to your home. Perhaps you have always wanted to repaint your bedroom or touch up the wallpaper in your lounge. Now would be the perfect time to get all of your small DIY jobs completed around the house so that you can start a really deep clean after everything is completed. Rearrange your furniture and get rid of those bulky items you don’t really need anymore. Sometimes a fabulous home is a minimalistic home, so don’t be afraid to have a clear out.

  1. Spritzes and Sprays

Homemade cleaning products should be used by everybody, especially nowadays. Toxic chemicals are all around us and our household cleaning products are full of unnecessary hazards. Try making your own cleaning sprays using rosemary and lemon. The more natural the better, because you don’t want to fill your home with toxins when there are little ones running around. Your kitchen cupboards are probably home to most of the ingredients anyway, so give it a try soon.

  1. Fabulous Food

A happy family is a healthy family, so make sure you are feeding them delicious dinners every single day of the week. Nutrition is something that we should encourage from a young age, so teach your little ones the importance of fruit and vegetables. Make healthy food fun by creating brightly coloured platefuls of food; hide vegetables in yummy soups so that they don’t even realize it is full of goodness. Get the kids involved in the cooking process so that they are comfortable experimenting and trying new things.


  1. Perfect Playtime

Make sure you allow kids to be kids now and again; playtime is an important developmental time for them to explore their surroundings, try new games and learn how to work as a team. Organize play dates on a regular basis with their friends from nursery or school. Your home should be a safe place for your family and their friends to have fun and explore. Make healthy snacks and arrange fun games for everybody to get involved. Anything from crafts to outdoor sporting activities will stimulate their minds and creativity.

  1. Garden Glory

If you are blessed to have a vast outdoor space for your family to run around in then you need to maintain it regularly. Give your garden a little extra tender loving care, especially as the sun has just started to shine recently. Plant your favourite flowers from blooming bluebells to perfect peonies. Build a garden to be proud of and invite your friends and loved ones around for a social evening. There is nothing more welcoming and enjoyable than a day in the garden with good friends.


  1. Recycling Done Right

You can have a hugely positive impact on our planet by recycling your household waste properly. Try and cut down on your use of plastic on a daily basis and start to make a big change to the way in which we dispose of packaging. Try and invest in reusable shopping bags, so that you don’t need to buy plastic bags every time you head out to the grocery store. Stop buying so much bottled water and buy a refillable container for you to take out and about. The more you can do to help the planet the better you will feel in the long run.

Instead of lusting after a healthier and happier home for your whole family, it is actually time to make the change once and for all. These tweaks won’t be hugely obvious from the outset, but overtime you will clearly be able to notice their benefits. Whether you are looking to cut out chemicals from your cleaning regime or learn new healthy recipes to feed your family, all of these adaptations will make for a healthier home overall. Change is sometimes a massively beneficial thing to occur in the household; it can reset tensions in the atmosphere, create a healthier environment and ensure your children are well looked after from every single angle.

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