The bible tells us to take care of God’s creation, the Earth, and one way that we can all be involved in this is to start with a more eco-friendly approach in our own homes. Of course, this can be a little confusing at first, especially if you aren’t used to being green. However, you will find that are a range of things you can to around your home to be more eco-friendly. Just read on to find out what they are.


Reduce harmful chemicals

While we moms want to make sure that our homes are as clean as possible, sometimes using harsh chemicals is not the best way to facilitate this. After all, such chemicals often leave residues that our families can be exposed to, or that end up in the communal water supply, something that means they eventually work their way back into the environment. One consequence of which can cause plants to grow unnaturally quickly, upsetting the ecosystem and affecting many other creatures that feed on them or need them as part of their habitat.

Happily, there are strategies that you can use to reduce the number of harmful chemicals that you use around the home, while still keeping it hygienic. One is to swap to a brand that is eco-friendly as you will find these are created from natural ingredients and don’t have such harsh chemical included in their recipes.

Although, it also entirely possible to create your own green cleaning products at home from simple ingredients such as baking soda, lemon, vinegar, and even essential oils like Oregano’s which have an antibacterial quality. Just remember to dilute them correctly because they can burn the skin if used neat!

You may even wish to swap to a method of cleaning that doesn’t require any liquid cleaner at all like soap nuts, a nut that is grown in hot climates like India and China that can be added to clothes wash instead of laundry detergent. Something you can see in action on the clip below.

Energy source

Next, if you want to make your home greener then looking at how you source your energy is essential. Firstly, the source is important because much electricity and gas are still sourced from fossil fuels, a resource that is not only running out but also that pumps out massive amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. A gas that is responsible for global warming, and as well as acute pollution problems in many large cities. To that end, those looking to go green in their own home need to switch to a cleaner source of energy instead.


One method of doing this is to use solar power. This is where the sun’s rays are converted into electricity. This can then be used in the place of power that comes from fossil fuels, making it a much cleaner source of energy and something that you can learn more about by clicking the link. You can even connect up to the side and sell on any excess you have if you want.

Something that can help you break even on the cost of the panels much quicker, and eventually will help you reduce your energy bills to next to nothing!

There are, of course, another method of generating clean energy to consider as well including wind power, something that can be harnessed by installing a small turbine for your property and connecting this to a generator. Alternatively, some people may be able to make use of thermal or hydro energy, depending on where their properties are located.

Energy consumption

Of course, switching the source of your energy is not the only chance you can make for a greener home. In fact, changing the way that you use and think about your energy consumption can help a great deal as well.

With that in mind, making some simple changes such as turning off devices and lights while they are not in use can make a big difference both to our energy consumption and out utility bills. One way to facilitate this is to make the switch to smart devices. Then you can control your entire homes’ lights and white goods from your phone remotely in a quick and conveniently.

Reduce waste

Waste is a big deal when it comes to the environment, partly because of all the resources and energy that it takes to grow or produce things, but also because disposing of waste takes so much power and space as well, and it can cause pollution as it degrades over time and damage the ecosystem that it is in.

That is why we as householders should be supremely motivated to reduce waste as much as feasible. Happily, there are some reasonably simple as easy ways of doing this, including cutting out the use of plastic as much as possible by swapping to glass bottles and food containers.

Also, being much more organized with food shopping and planning can help to stop fresh ingredients going over and having to be thrown out before you get a chance to use them. Alternatively, for moms with young children, a swap from disposable diapers to cloth ones may be the answer to reducing their family’s waste. A topic that you can find out more about in the video below.

Preserve water

Lastly, remember that it’s not just waste, chemicals, and energy that we need to be concerned with when going green around the home. In fact, we need to be mindful of our water usage as well.

In particular, swapping from long baths to shorter showers, as well as fixing any leaky taps or pipes around your property can help with this, and will save you money on your water bill as well.

Also, don’t forget that collecting grey water for use in the garden can be another fabulous way of reducing your overall usage. Just remember to check whether this is legal in your state before you go down this route. Something that it is well worth doing in your quest to go greener around the home and take care of the Earth that God has put in our hands.

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