When you look into decorating your family home for the first time, you will likely have a lot of great divas which you want to bring into the space to put your personal stamp on your home. There are some great ways to add colour and personality into your home which you can do this year.


The first and most simple way to bring lots of colour into your Home is to hang some art on the walls. We all have blank spaces on the walls which are ready to be filled, and you can really have some fun adding art into the home. Art is great because it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You could choose a poster from one of your favourite movies, you could hang a canvas of a photograph you took on holiday, or even buy a painting from your favourite artist.


Photography is a wonderful thing, and photographs can add a lot of culture and life into the home right away. When choosing photographs for your Home you can either buy from a professional such as Peter Lik style landscape photography, or you can use some of your own photographs and have them blown up into a canvas or a collage for your home. Photographs can tell a story and they are amazing for making a talking point with people who visit your home.


To show some great personality and some character to your house, you can look at more than just the art hung on your walls. Your home will likely be filled to the brim with small ornaments and figures from throughout the years and this will be something you can show your character with in the home. You can buy things such as funko pop figurines if you love tv and movies, ornaments of your favourite animals, or even some shapes you love. Anything you can bring into your space adds an extra layer to your interior design.


If you have a bookshelf in the house, you might not have realised that you can actually turn this into a design feature on its own. Your bookshelf is most likely filled with books of all different colours, and you can make this into a part of your design by placing the books in colour order. It means that rather than having a jumbled mess of books on the shelf, they will be organised into a rainbow which will look stunning and will immediately feel more organised than before.


If you have a simple design in your home, you can look into bringing some cushions into the space for some personality and fun. Cushions can come in all shapes, sizes and textures, and they will immediately change the way your living space looks when you walk in. You can even have different cushions which you use in the winter and the summer for a fun design that changes with the seasons!


If you want to bring some colour into a home without going to crazy with your design,you can bring plants into the home and they will look stunning and give you some unique colours, shapes and textures. For example here are the different types of plants you can put in different rooms of the house:

The kitchen: herbs and spices, and a chilli plant which will flower in the summer

The bathroom: Aloe Vera, cacti, orchids, other succulents

Living room: peace lily, snake plant, grasses

Dining room: a vase of fresh flowers


For some simple design which you can move around during the year, you can hang a garland in different parts of the home such as over the fireplace and at the top of the stairs. The beauty of garlands is that you can change them according to the seasons and also for different events. For example here are some of the things you can look at hanging in the home and different parts of the year:

Spring: flower garland, ivy

Easter: Easter egg garland, bunnies and chicks

Summer: ice cream, palm leaves, flamingos

Autumn: golden leaves, pumpkins, twigs

Halloween: spider webs, bats, pumpkins

Winter: snowflakes, red berries

Christmas: tinsel, lights, holly

Everything you can think of can be made into a garland, so you can have some real fun choosing the different garlands you want to hang up in your home this year. Be as creative or reserved as you want, and you can even make your own if you are brave enough!

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