The majority of us tend to take natural light for granted. But it’s important to remember that it can have profound effects on our overall health and well-being. While we are constantly told how important it is for us to get a good eight hours’ sleep every night, there tends to be less emphasis placed on how lighting can make this easy or difficult for us. Our body’s sleep-wake cycle is controlled by circadian rhythms – essentially signals that tell us when it’s time to get rest and when it’s time to wake. However, if we aren’t exposed to sufficient natural light during the daytime, these circadian rhythms fall out of sync. This can cause us to struggle to get to sleep or can cause us to wake at the wrong times. So, occupying rooms that are flooded with natural light during the day should significantly increase your quality of life. Having plenty of natural light in your property also helps to ensure that you get your recommended dose of vitamin D, which can promote healthy skin, and prevent hair loss, stimulating your hair follicles through signalling to keratinocytes. Not only are properties with plenty of natural light good for your health and wellbeing, but they just look more aesthetically pleasing too! Here are a few ways to boost natural light levels in your home!

Fit Bay Windows

Any form of window is bound to let at least a little natural light into your property, but in particular, bay windows are perfect for letting light into your home. While most types of windows are merely placed between your walls, bay windows extend your property outwards, maximising the amount of light that can come through them. What’s more? You will have a comfy spot to sit in and read or book or sip a drink throughout the days and during the evenings.

Consider a Conservatory

A conservatory significantly expands your living space, adding an extra room to your property that bridges between your main interior area and your garden. These are benefits in and of themselves. However, bearing in mind that the majority of the structure is typically made from glass, you can create an entire room that is flooded with light from sunrise to sunset. This allows you to experience the beauty of the outdoors without necessarily feeling the chill, as well as creating a bright and open space that you can always rely on.

Incorporate Mirrors into Your Home Design

Mirrors reflect natural light, so if you place one opposite a window in your home, the natural light that comes in will bounce off the mirror’s surface and fill the entire room. This is a simple and cheap way to maximise the potential for light in your living space, as you won’t have to carry out professional structural work. Just make sure any large mirrors are hung properly for safety’s sake.

These are just a few different options to get your journey towards a naturally lit home started off in the right direction. You really won’t look back!

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