Creating a secure, comfortable home is something that is important to most of us, especially once we start a family and our priority becomes ensuring their safety and welfare. But when you think of security measures, the cost may be a deterrent. After all, we don’t all have the budget of an A-list celebrity. Luckily, that doesn’t mean that we cant keep our homes and our families safe. There are some lower-cost ways to burglar-proof your property, so here are a few ideas to secure your home without blowing the budget.

Install a Home Security System

There are lots of benefits to installing a home security system. It is true that this one may require a little initial outlay, but there is a huge variety of options available at different price points, so you can find an option which suits your needs and budget – and the cost is coming down all the time. Work with a company such as to assess your requirements and come up with a low-cost plan. If you do take this step, you may also find that it reduces your home insurance premium, which can offset any costs. Think of it as part of your home maintenance plan.

Deadbolt Your Entries

The front and back entrance points are where your home is at its most vulnerable. Statistically, these are where a burglar will try to gain entry, so it’s a good place to start with improving your home security. The most cost-effective solution is to simply install a deadbolt to make it harder to gain entry. A top-quality one can be had for a very small cost relatively speaking, around $25, so don’t be tempted to go with the cheapest option, but investigate the most reputable brand as well. It’s a budget friendly price for a lot of peace of mind.

Makeover Your Windows

Your windows are an opportunity for burglars to suss out what is likely to be inside before making an attempt to gain entry, or to see if you have a dog, or other factors that may make a crime harder. A few very budget-friendly options are around that can really help. Installing a frosted glass panel is as easy as using a stick-on film or even a spray these days. Then you obscure the view, while still letting the light flood in. You can also explore one-way blinds that perform a similar function – allowing light in while obscuring the view outsiders have into your property, especially from windows that are easy to access from the road. Sheer muslin curtains can perform the same function, while looking soft and elegant.

Keep Valuables Safe

A small digital safe is a great investment for any home, at a price of around only $40. You can use it to store vital documents such as passports and birth certificates, jewellery and watches, any cash and other valuables that are ideal targets for a thief. For extra security, these can even be bolted to the floor to make it hard to impossible for a thief to walk off with.

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