The planet is slowly dying and it’s all our fault as humans. The ice caps are melting, the bees are dying, and soon enough the penguins and polar bears won’t have a home. Being green isn’t a choice, it’s something that we as a society should take as seriously as educating our children because the reality is that if we don’t take it seriously, soon enough there will be no planet left.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways that you can increase how green you and your family are, it’s just a case of getting to grips with the changes that you need to make and getting into the routine of sticking to them. Bearing that in mind, below are some useful tips and ideas for ways that you can lead a greener life.

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Swap your halogen bulbs for LEDs

LEDs might cost a little more than traditional halogen light bulbs but they last ten times as long and will save you a large amount of energy, which in turn will save you a large amount of money. LEDs aren’t dimmer than halogen bulbs, they don’t usually require special fixtures and fittings, and they work better as dimmer bulbs – what’s not to love?

Update your home

Obviously, transforming your home into a green building all at once will cost too much but as and when things need replacing around your home, opt to purchase green alternatives to help reduce your family’s carbon footprint further. Need a new washing machine? Invest in an eco-friendly design. Roof need replacing? Opt for a green roofing option. Come into a windfall? Don’t waste it on trips abroad and new clothes, invest in solar panels for your home.

Only use reusable plastics

Say goodbye to single-use plastics, instead only buy and use reusable plastics. Don’t buy single-use straws, instead buy reusable ones or recycled paper designs. Invest in a refillable coffee cup for your takeaway coffees. Don’t buy carrier bags when you’re out shopping, invest in reusable ones. When buying produce, aim to buy produce that is free of plastic and comes loose.

Use less water

There are various tools that you can invest in to monitor your water usage. There are special shower heads that you can buy that time how much water you have used, they start off green and then turn amber when you’ve used a larger than normal amount of water, and then turn red when you’ve used far more water than necessary. You can also get these for your taps too. It’s little things like this that make all the difference when it comes to how eco-friendly you and your family are.

The truth is that as a society, we should all be doing whatever we can to decrease the sizes of our carbon footprints. It’s important that we take whatever steps necessary to ensure that when it comes to our lives that we are leading lives that are as green as possible.

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