You want your home to look harmonious and quirky but it’s not always easy to find the kind of money that can make this happen. High-quality design pieces are certainly not for free but we’re not just going to sit around and wait for the next paycheck either as you can, in fact, make it look like a million bucks without actually spending a million bucks.

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With these great DIY ideas, you won’t even spend close to a hundred pounds. Some of them may be a bit more advanced than others but get started by challenging yourself with the easy ones first and proceed with the more complicated crafts when you’re ready for it.

Here is a handful of ways to give your living room that luxurious look you want without spending much more than your time and effort.

Vamp up the coffee table legs

Here’s an easy one for you; make any coffee table look marvelous by simply swapping out its regular legs with those hairpin legs. It will instantly lift the look of your room and make it appear more modern, so to speak. Plus, it looks great on any kind of table – from wood to glass and marble.

Speaking of marble; this article has a great guide to how you can craft your very own marble and hairpin legs without paying up hundreds of pounds. All you have to do is get ahold of a coffee table-sized marble board, a marble adhesive gun, hairpin legs, and a spray primer. As the article explains, you can also get a can of gold spray paint to spray those hairpin legs to a deep golden colour.

All in all, how you choose to do it is up to you and keep in mind that you have endless options of how to vamp up furniture from now on. Those boring chairs can easily get a pair of hairpin legs as well and you can spray paint them in whatever colour you like. So easy, so cost-effective, and so much fun.

DIY crate coffee table

While we’re on the topic of coffee tables; if you’re in the need of a new one, you should definitely consider this awesome table that is made out of four wooden crates. Check out this article for a more detailed guide, by the way, but keep in mind that it’s really not complicated at all and you can adjust it however you like.

The basic principle should remain the same, though; sand your crates, apply some stain and allow them to dry before arranging them in the pattern you’re going to use for your coffee table.

Image from: Pexels

You can choose to use screws and brackets as done in the original article or simply get ahold of a glue gun from Henkel adhesives and get to work. The center of the table is, of course, where you can unleash your creativity. Fill it with plants, as done in the article above, place an interesting statement figurine, or some beautiful stones.

Consider getting ahold of a few more crates as well, by the way, in case your home is in need of some bookshelves or even just a stand to display your keepsakes. It’s just as easy to make as this crate table too; find about eight of them, stack them on top of each other in whatever funky pattern you please and glue it together.

It’s a good idea to use two crates in one line of which one is horizontal and the other vertical before doing the same with the layer above, etc. Play around with it a bit until you find a pattern you can live with.

Make your own brass chandelier

Alright, we started with something fairly basic so it’s time for something slightly more complicated. It depends on how crafty you are, of course, and you might find this to be a breeze as well. A brass chandelier is made by getting ahold of several brass pipes in various lengths, a brass loop, a couple of keyless sockets, adjustable brass swivel, a large cluster body, and a wire twisted cord.

Have a look at this article, by the way, for the full list of stuff you need as well as a step-by-step guide to how you do it. All credit goes to One Kings Lane, of course, with its straightforward craft guide. By following their instructions, you’ll end up with a minimalistic piece of design that may very well have been bought somewhere very fashionable.

When it is time to install the new chandelier, you’d probably want to consult an electrician, though, as it’s never a good idea to fiddle with wiring unless you actually know what you’re doing.

Give those window trims a splash of color

Now that you’ve mastered the art of making chandeliers, coffee table legs, and even an entire coffee table it’s time to get back to basics again. If your living room is beautifully simplistic but in need of some sort of statement, you can always look to your window trims.

As an often overlooked piece of interior design, the trims are able to give your living room the kind of attitude you’re looking for – and it’s going to take you way less time than painting an entire accent wall.

Look at your room, first of all, and try to stay true to your color scheme. Otherwise, you may end up with a look this is more chaotic than anything else. Green is always a great idea if you already have a couple of green plants in your room; play with different shades of green and allow it to blend in with the landscape.

All you need for this kind of job is some paint in your color of choice, a paintbrush and some tape to keep the work as tidy as possible. You’ll have it over within half an hour and it will make a massive difference.

By now, your living room should look exceptionally cheek – without having spent much money on it at all. Spruce your new coffee table up with some interesting books and install dimmers in your room for that chandelier before sitting back and enjoying the view.

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