When it comes to creating a stunning house that you love, what do you tend to focus on? Maybe it’s the bathrooms or the kitchen? Or maybe you always want the living spaces to look right. Either way, you tend to focus on the outside, right? But when you want to sell your house, or you’re just keen to get your place into the best possible condition, you really have to think outside of the box. And you need to do this quite literally. Because it’s not just the interiors that matter. In fact, it’s often the exterior that makes all of the difference. Remember, first impressions count. So it’s always going to be important for your home to have curb appeal. But when it comes to getting that, what matters the most?

The Driveway

First of all, there’s the driveway. No matter if its gated or you have a smaller drive up way, then you need to make sure that it’s shown off in its best light. Make sure that you’re cleaning it off, and that you’ve removed any overgrown weeds or greenery that could be surrounding it. You may even want to think about redoing the driveway if it’s seen better days. Aside from that, you’ll then want to think about landscaping the areas around it too.

The Landscaping

When it comes to the landscaping, you may as well work on the front and back yards at the same time. For the front, you may just want to add in some pretty flowers. But for the back, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re creating functional spaces that will improve your lifestyle, or appeal to buyers (or both).

The Exterior

And don’t forget about the exterior of your property itself. Really take an objective view and think about what it needs. Maybe you need a complete repaint and vinyl windows to get the curb appeal you want? Or maybe you just need a good clean and to repaint the window trims? Make sure that you’re deciding on the avenue that will get the rest results.

The Entryway

Then you’ll want to move on to your front porch and entryway. Here is where you can really start to make sure that the exterior of your home and your interiors start to link up. Focus on the front door finish and color and dress it up. Do you need lights or plant boxes or maybe even a wreath? Think about what you can add in to really showcase your outside space.

The Overall Condition

Finally, you’ve got to really think about the look that your home is giving off. Yes, working on each of the four areas above will really help – but they won’t work miracles. Above all else, you really have to ensure that you’re keeping the outside of your property clean and tidy. If you’re not mowing the lawn or tidying up the rubbish, you’ll be letting your house down. So above all else, even when all of the work is done, make sure that you’re keeping the exterior in great condition.

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