Summer has well and truly arrived, which means that the children have gone onto school vacation and you are left with weeks ahead of you of endless summer days and children clamouring for entertainment. Let’s be honest, though, it’s not easy to figure out how to keep the children happy every single day for three months. It can be hard to connect as a family due to work and school commitments, so when the summer is ahead you can easily draw a blank about what to do next.

Family time does amazing things for your children and their self-esteem, and when you take the time to plan out some activities you guarantee your family a stronger bond. There’s no need to plan out every single hour of every single day: children do need to be allowed to have an imagination and decide what they would like to do with their time sometimes. However, finding fun things to do as a family doesn’t have to be hard and you can read the five fun summer activities below that are popular!

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  1. Host A BBQ Party. The sun is beating down and the paddling pool is out, so it makes sense to take your evening meal out into the open and enjoy a spread on the BBQ. You can visit to get a new outdoor BBQ fitted so you can give up the disposables. Don’t forget to invite the block and get everyone to bring a plate; community feeling is important!
  2. Hot Air Balloon. One of the more unusual summer activities, but when the skies are clear of rain and storms, a ride in a hot air balloon as a family could be the most exhilarating thing that you could do this year. Bring a map of the area and get the kids to spot the local attractions as you go. Geography lessons in with a thrilling ride is all the rage.
  3. Beach Picnic. It’s not difficult to go to the beach and spend an entire day there, so why not bring a picnic with you? Pack it together as a family and pick all your favourite yummy foods to make your beach picnic a brilliant one.
  4. Play Tourist. If your home town is a little one, go to the nearest large city and play tourist. See the sites listed as the popular (and tacky!) ones, take a bus from one end of the city to the other and eat food famous in the city. Often, you can live in a place for a long time and ignore all the attractions because you live there. Go and be a tourist for a day.
  5. Star Gaze. In the summer, the sky is usually clear through the night. Lay blankets in the garden and in the night, go and lay down and look up. Spot different constellations and enjoy the feeling of hurtling through the sky.

These summer activities aren’t the entire list, but they are some of the most fun ones that you can do to make memories with your kids.

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