Some people absolutely despise the summer months, whereas others despise the cold. The seasons can change the way our skin and bodies react and it’s no different for our children. Babies are sensitive little creatures, and when the weather turns and becomes cold, we do everything that we can to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s the exact same for the summer months; the heat can affect your baby in ways that you didn’t realise were possible. It’s one of the trickiest seasons, summer, because it can be so hard to judge how to help your baby to adjust to the temperature in the air.

Keeping your baby comfortable isn’t just about them, either. It’s about you: having a baby that is too hot and sweaty to manage can make for a very grizzly little person in your house, and there is nothing cute about a baby who is too busy screeching to relax! So, below you’ll find four things to think about when it comes to keeping your little one comfortable this summer.

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All About… Heat Rash

Babies are prone to heat rash when they get too warm. This mainly down to the fact that they wear diapers, and they often have cute little chubby rolls that rub together when warm. Heat rash comes up in tiny red bumps and they can be very itchy. When you wash your baby, use lukewarm – not hot – water to clean them down and pat dry with a soft towel. Invest in portable air conditioners with heaters, as a 25c temperature is perfect for your baby and their comfort. Keep clothes loose and temperature appropriate, too.

All About… Food

Babies who aren’t yet weaning from milk to food need to be kept fed little and often. Babies that sweat are easily dehydrated, so pay attention to that. Weaned babies need lots of fruit and veggies as standard, but you could also freeze breastmilk into ice lolly moulds and give your baby a full and cool tummy at the same time.

All About… Bugs

No one likes to be bitten in the summer, least of all little babies who haven’t got the ability to dodge away from the bugs! Use baby friendly mosquito repellent and use natural ingredients where possible.

All About… Clothes

Babies are lucky in that they can get away with their clothes being sleepsuits and rompers until a year old. Breathable cotton clothing in light materials – no denim – is essential. Don’t swaddle or overwrap; your baby will wake and cry when it’s cold, but if they’re too hot they can pass out and away – not what any parent wants!

Never cover the stroller or pram with a blanket or muslin cloth; use the proper sun umbrella for your stroller – here’s why. Your summer can be so much more comfortable if you are careful about how you dress and feed your baby. You are going to be able to enjoy the months ahead far more if your baby does, too.

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