When you brought your baby home from the hospital, it’s very likely that you had a nursery all set up and ready knowing that they wouldn’t be using it until they turned six months old. Once your child grows into a toddler, their bedroom needs will change again. It may feel bittersweet to let go of the old cot mobile and ABC stencils, but this next step for your child is just as big for them as it is for you. A toddler is often equipped with strong opinions and they are able to have a little input into what they would like for their bedroom. Converting your nursery into a room that suits your toddler doesn’t have to be a massively expensive job; all you need to provide is somewhere comfortable to sleep, play and unwind.

Ideally, your toddler should be able to come into their room and settle straight down, which is why it’s a good idea to contact a specialist when it comes to mattresses and bedding. You want to find the right equipment so that your child can rest easy at night and make your bedtime routine an easy one. Their bedroom should also be a place they can play in; a safe haven for them to be able to show a little of their personality as they grow. So, how can you change a nursery to a toddler bedroom?

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Upgrade their bed from a cot to a toddler bed. Most people like to move straight from a cot to a low single bed, skipping the toddler bed stage altogether. This is especially popular when it comes to light that your child can climb up and down onto beds and the sofa with ease! You can add pillows and a duvet now they’re old enough to move them off their own faces, and you should keep a box in their room for their own linens. Don’t forget to add a mattress protector to the bed; potty training soon comes around and even if not yet training, it’s great for catching vomit!

Lay a rug down over the flooring, regardless of whether it’s carpet that’s already laid. A rug allows for an extra soft space to play, which is exactly what you want when you have your toddler playing in their room. This means that if they happen to topple, they will land on a softer surface, and if you have a rug down, you’ll also keep the room warmer in the colder months.

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Decorate in colours and accessories that your toddler is interested in! Choose wall stickers or murals that’ll reflect their personality. While you’re choosing your designs, make sure to choose themes that encourage a good sleep.

Add reading books and a large cushion to sit together and read together. You need to create a space to unwind before bedtime and a reading cushion is exactly what you’d need to relax before bedtime.

It’s a big step to upgrade your baby into a toddler bedroom, but it’s one you can take together!

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