The exterior is the face of the home. Like any other face, it needs a little love and care so that its beauty doesn’t start fading before its time. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at the makeover tips your home’s outer beauty so that people are all the more excited to discover its inner beauty too.


Give it a fresh face

Start with the most obvious exterior elements. A fresh coat of paint on a home can do a lot of good. Even if you’re not changing the color, it can make it look a lot more vibrant. Don’t forget the entrance, either. This is where most eyes are going to be attracted to, especially those belonging to your guests. Painting and updating your front door is going to make the home feel a lot more welcoming. Your front door shouldn’t inspire dread, but if it’s a wooden door covered in cracked or flaking paint, that’s exactly what it will do.

Protect your deck

If you have a deck or a patio, it’s all too easy to forget it. There are obvious aesthetic issues like moss that can be cleaned off, and grime that can be power-washed away. However, you should look a little deeper. Deck coating and waterproofing is essential, especially when the days are getting wetter and colder. Water can easily cause your decking to rot, and the cold makes it become even more brittle, meaning that water causes even more damage. If you don’t want a costly replacement on your hands later, you need to protect it.

Take back your garden

It’s easy to let your garden get a little overgrown during the summer. Especially if you’re a parent, working, and have a boatload of other responsibilities. However, keeping it tidy as the fall approaches is more important than ever. For one, pests and unwanted guests are more likely to seek refuge in the home and an overgrown garden is just the perfect way for them to make their way in. Even more worrying is how untrimmed trees and bushes produce a lot more falling leaves and twigs that can find their way in your gutter. This leads to blockages which lead to water seeping into the walls of the home. That’s bad for the health of the home and the family alike.

It’s always about accessorizing

Don’t be afraid to give your exterior a little style, either. Especially if you have a deck or a patio, a little outdoor home décor and comfy furniture can make it a lot more welcoming and give you’re the opportunity to show off your fashion sense. From outdoor rugs to gorgeous wreaths and planters, there are a lot of ways to express your personality a little more clearly through your exterior.

Your home doesn’t take a whole lot of maintenance to keep it looking gorgeous. Updating its style from season to season helps, but the most important elements, like the roof, walls, and decking, only need to be maintained once or twice a year.

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