I’m terribly afraid of heights, but one of my dream dates would be to go on a hot air balloon ride. I think they are so romantic. I would even like to go to a hot air balloon launch where several launch into the sky at the same time.–Rev. Mrs. Mommy

The sky is a wonderful thing. It makes us feel like we have endless possibilities in our lives and it can make us feel incredibly free. The sky is a blue landscape which gives us the spaces to think and to breathe, and it is often the sky which we look to when we need an ounce of freedom. To celebrate what’s up above this summer, there are some fun things you can do with your friends and family.

Host a hot air balloon party

If you are a little too scared to get into a hot air balloon yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate them on a hot sunny day! You can have a hot air balloon themed party and use cookie cutters from to make some tasty hot air balloon treats. You can use tissue paper globes to create hot air balloon decorations and also have some balloons which you can set free into the sky with a fun message to see how far they will travel.

Have an indoor constellation

For the perfect summer party which celebrates everything out there in the night sky, the stars are the best possible thing to see. If you live in the city, your air is likely too polluted by light for the stars to really shine, which is why you can instead buy a Star projector to use inside your Home to create all the magic of the cosmos in your living room. You can start off by making some solar system themed treats like star cookies, galaxy cakes and some other fun things. You can then build a floor blanket fort in the living room and invite everyone over to enjoy their treats as you teach them about the stars. This can be a really great way to teach your kids about the planets and stars around us.

Go on an adventure

Of course, a great way to celebrate the freedom which the sky gives us is to go on an adventure away from our regular lives and try something new. You could climb the top of a mountain and stand above the clouds looking down at the world. You could even go bungee jumping or skydiving if you are a brave soul and you will be able to truly see everything that the sky has to offer. A bird’s eye view is always amazing and it will make you feel tall and strong.

Watch a sunset

If you fancy a romantic evening with your partner this weekend, you can head up for a picnic in a local park or a high place and watch the sunset together as you drink champagne and eat good food. The sunset is always a magical time of the day and it is something which always looks incredibly stunning, no matter where in the world you are. You can bring a camera along and try to catch a memory of this moment to hang up in your home.

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