How funky would you say your home is? Every home has a sort of theme that they follow you see. Some like to follow the luxurious look, some like to follow the comfy look, and some of you will like to add a bit of funk to your home. The latter of you are the most interesting. Filling your home with funk fills it with character, which is what we like to see. It’s probably the least expensive as well, which is always going to be a bonus for the most of you. Now, if you want to truly funk up your home, you’re going to need a bit of advice. You don’t want to overdo it, and lose the other touches that you’ve already put in your home, but at the same time you don’t want to underdo it, so that it isn’t even noticed! Have a read of this article, and let us help you through the process.

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What Funk Do You Want

There are so many different levels to the funk that you can chose. You’ve got your funky colours, funky ornaments, funky furniture… the list could go on! So, the first thing that we recommend you dabble with, is the funky ornaments side of things. The ornaments can really set off a room, and trust us, they do have a lot of character. You could chose absolutely anything. It could be anything that you like, it just has to be a little unique and different. So, go for something like the candle in the wine bottle, or a vinyl record, or a skull ornament. But the funk doesn’t necessarily mean the things you’re going to put into your house, it’s the things you do to your house to make it better to live in. Companies such as Buckingham Double Glazing can fit you with the finest double glazing windows, bringing you that funky warmth during the winter. If you still don’t have double glazing, then you’re definitely missing out! It could also be snazzy new carpet, to keep your feet nice and cosy, and to actually make your home look more modern. Sometimes, it’s the modern side of the home that makes it so funky.

Blending It In

If you want to mix funk with the rest of your home, then you’re going to have to blend it in. To do this, you want to steer clear of being too overpowering. Perhaps two or three random ornaments in each room will be fine. In the living room for example, you could have three ornaments, and one of those wood woven hanging chairs. They look so funky and unique, and as long as you fill it with cushions and a throw, it could actually be really comfy


Finally, we just want to reiterate that you should steer clear of overcrowding any room. Limit yourself to just a few pieces per room, and be careful with the colours you’re choosing if your idea of switching up the funk is to change the colours.

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