The internet, and modern technology in general, present a huge range of benefits to our everyday lives. Whereas, in the not-so-distant past, we would have had to visit the local library in other to research a given topic or discover a new book, today we have the information resources of the world at large at our fingertips.

Our technology also allows us to communicate effortlessly, across vast distances, plan and manage our lives, and more.

But for all the great benefits of our high-tech resources, there are also downsides. When we become too dependent on tech and the web, we can lose track of the true dimensions of our lives.

When we have instant-entertainment on tap in the form of TV shows, films, music videos and more, we can become wildly distracted from our goals, and lose touch with what we find most meaningful.

Here are just a few of the ways in which doing a tech fast from time to time can benefit you.

By encouraging you to do the things you were putting off

Maybe you had been meaning to make a dental appointment with Brockport Smiles, or maybe you were going to finally commit a day to getting the garden in decent condition.

Whatever tasks, chores, or errands you’ve been putting off, dramatically limiting your tech use can make all the difference in terms of motivating you to finally get up and get busy.

It’s simply a lot harder to procrastinate indefinitely when you don’t have the TV to space out in front of, or the internet to pull you into the never-ending loop of casual web-browsing and site hopping.

By helping you to find a bit of mental space and stillness

In life, it’s very important to have moments of peace and stillness from time to time, where we can reflect on our thoughts, come to terms with our feelings, plan for the future, and just decompress and let our minds relax for a while.

In the always-on world of the first decades of the 21st Century, it can be all but impossible to find those moments of mental space and stillness. If the TV isn’t feeding information and opinion directly into our minds, then it’s the radio on the drive to work. If not either of those, it’ll be the computer and the internet, or even the ads you see when out and about in public.

A tech fast can quiet the world down just enough for you to take a deep breath.

By reminding you that life is something to participate in, not watch

Certain social commentators, going back to the very early days of the 20th Century, were already warning that people were becoming infected with a condition called “spectatoritis”, where they were increasingly obsessed with watching things instead of doing things.

A key example from the time was the way in which fewer people were playing sports, and more people were watching them being played by others.

Today, many of us suffer from severe spectatoritis in all forms of life. By going on a tech fast, we might motivate ourselves to actively participate in life more, instead of watching other people living their lives.

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