The 31st of October is the time of year when everybody can channel their inner child. So, it’s no surprise kids are addicted to the holiday. Even now, weeks before the ghouls land, your children will be planning their outfits and routes around the neighborhood. It’s amazing to see them excited about having a good time yet it’s also scary. No, not because of fake vampires and ghosts but their safety. Halloween is a busy time of year and trying to track your children’s movements is almost impossible. The good news is you do have options.

Below are the security tips you might want to factor in this October.

Don’t Push Them

Not every child gets excited about the prospect of unlimited candy. As strange as it sounds, some kids like to stay in and flick through the premium channel package and watch TV in peace. There are many reasons for this, some good and others bad, but the key is not to make them do anything they don’t want to. Bullies might target them if they see your son or daughter out in the street and then it’s partially your fault. How do you erase the guilt from that one? Typically, kids have a good reason not to participate in a holiday such as Halloween.

Map Out A Route

Sure, this goes against the whole point of the holiday but you don’t care. All you’re bothered about is making sure they make it back in one piece, which explains the route. What you want to do in the beginning is to plan a course and mark which houses are safe and which are to be avoided. This can be for something as basic as the property is collapsing. Next, give it to your kids and make them memorize it so that you can find them in a moment’s notice if they don’t answer their cells.

Avoid Masks

Picture the scenario. Their phone rings out and they won’t reply to your messages. As a worried parent, there is only one option: go out into the street to make sure they’re safe. However, there is a problem, and that is that you can’t see them because of their mask. There are hundreds of kids on the street and it’s tricky to spot yours just from their outfit. There might be hundreds of Frankenstein’s Monsters too. Tell them they can dress as they like as long as their face is uncovered.

Check The Candy

No one is saying people do it on purpose but you do see reports of kids going to the hospital as a result of eating questionable candy. You’re not going to x-ray it to check it internally because that’s ridiculous. Still, there’s nothing wrong with examining the wrappers to ensure they’ve not been tampered with before they put it in their mouths. Anything which isn’t tight or has cuts and slashes should be placed in the trash. Let’s face it – they’ll have plenty of chocolate to eat regardless.

Do you worry about your kids on Halloween? How do you cope?

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