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Want to make your home easier to clean? Rather than buying new gadgets, you could take the elbow grease out by making certain improvements to your home. Here are just several ways to create an easy-to-clean home.

Cull the carpets

Carpets can give a room a cozy feel, but they’re difficult to keep clean, especially if you’ve got kids and pets. Switching your carpets for wooden floors could help to make cleaning up spillages and animal hair much easier. Vinyl plank comes pre-laminated and can slot over the top of an existing wooden floor – it’s easy to clean and looks good. As explained by Flooring Mentor, the cost to install vinyl plank varies depending on the size and shape of your room. You can still place rugs around your home to give your feet some warmth where you feel it is needed.

Use scrubbable wall paint

When it comes to erasing scuff marks and felt tip pen doodles from walls, consider your choice of paint. Average paints can come off when you scrub them and marks may be hard to shift. The likes of Crowd Trade Clean Extreme are stain-resistant and easy to scrub. This could make your life much easier when dealing with marks on walls.

Install air extractors

If you have a problem with dust or mold, you may want to consider ways of improving the quality of the air. Installing air extractors can be useful for rooms such as the bathroom – these devices can suck out moisture from the air to prevent mold, whilst reducing the need to open the window and let in dust from outside. Air extractors could be useful in other rooms if your home faces onto a busy road and you want to open your windows without letting in road traffic dust.

Buy furniture on legs

To help get behind furniture when cleaning, you could also consider buying furniture on legs. This could allow you to easily sweep or hoover underneath rather than having to physically move the furniture. You could even go one step further and put furniture on castors allowing you to easily wheel it around and clean behind.

Hide clutter with extra storage units

When it comes to general clutter, having somewhere to hide it out of sight can be useful. Consider buying extra storage units for common clutter culprits. For example, if you find that bathroom toiletries are crowding your bath tub, consider getting a rack fitted for storing them in or an extra cupboard on the wall. When it comes to living room clutter such as mail and magazines, consider buying a chest or basket for putting these items in. There are many forms of multi-purpose storage that could prevent you using up as much space if your home is already crowded with furniture. Such storage solutions could include sofas with in-built storage, ottoman footstools and bed with storage beneath.

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