A home is a place where the heart is, but that might not be for forever. What if you outgrow your home, there is a once in a lifetime job offer out of state, or you just want to upsell? It might be time to start the process of selling your house. This means you will want to find ways to maximize the valuation of your home to get the best price possible. Here are some things you might want to consider.

Before you start, consider what the real value is that you can add to your home. Consider what you can do yourself and what you should get a professional to do. A mistake that you will want to avoid is presenting your home with unfinished or clearly gone wrong jobs. Especially electrics and plumbing they might be one of those things you want to call a professional for. Now that’s out the way, the timeline in which you need or want to sell your house determines what you can do.

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If you have a bit more time, consider creating additional rooms. If you have an unused loft, and it’s suitable for it, add another bedroom to the house. Nothing increases value as much as adding a bedroom to the house. You have probably seen how prices jump with an additional bedroom. A good starting point to know how much work to put in is to compare your house to similar houses with an extra bedroom. Just consider that a jump from 3 to 4 bedrooms is considerable but adding the 8th bedroom will add relatively little value.

As with the loft, consider any unused basement space. Again, if it is suitable, consider adding another room to the house. Now, this might not be a bedroom but could function as a room for play, hobbies, or utilities. Basement conversions can get quite pricey, so do your homework and only do it if you think the benefits outweigh the costs.

Add a conservatory to your home. Another investment that potentially can add a significant bit to your asking price is adding a conservatory. Mostly, it’s another dining room, or living room or playroom to the house. The great thing about a conservatory is that it’s just not a room, but a focal feature of a home. More daylight usually means perceived added value.

Another good way to add another space to your house is to consider getting rid of the garage and pave your driveway. Garages tend to be used for storage, and a driveway is usually enough for insurance purposes. A paved driveway is often more practical and, in most cases, having a front garden does not measure up against having the parking space available, especially if you live in a densely populated area.

Instead of creating additional rooms, you might want to consider joining rooms. Breaking down a non-load-bearing wall can be a great way to open space. This is especially useful if your house has a room that is just too small on their own.

If you don’t have weeks to live on a construction site, consider changes that can be done in a relatively short time frame. Replace to refurbish your front door. Your front door is your business card, and spending time and effort making it as inviting as you can, might work wonders convincing potential buyers. Go for finishes that make the door look sturdy and pricey. Even adding ornamental door knockers can help to give your front door that bit of extra.

While you are working on your front door, consider a bit of fresh paint. One of the things people will be looking for is the state of the maintenance of your house. Cracked paint is a dead giveaway of lapsed maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, consider replacing your windows. If your house is slightly older, it might be fitted with windows that require more care that newer window frames. Windows nowadays come in materials such as fiberglass that are virtually maintenance free. It could be a crucial selling point for house hunters. US Window & Door has excellent options available.

Consider improving the kitchen and bathroom. For most, the kitchen is one of the key room that will determine the price of your house. If you have a modern looking kitchen in excellent condition, you might only need to change a tap or handles. In some cases, you might want to consider updating the kitchen altogether. The same goes for the bathroom. An outdated looking bathroom can deter potential house buyers.

Once all the big jobs are done, it’s time for the final additions. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much as daylight as possible and use as many mirrors throughout the house as reasonable. Sunlight and mirrors are great to show off the space you have and even make your house look more prominent. Bake cookies when people are viewing the house. It sounds like a sales trick, but home buyers will see several houses. If you can stimulate all the senses, they might think more favorable of your house, and it might just edge out.

Don’t worry too much about your furniture as most people will imagine their own there when viewing. And if you have an old couch or chair that has not survived the test of time, throw a blanket over it. Give your house a good clean on viewing days, and you’re all set!

Dependent on the time you have and the investment you want to make, you can ensure you get the best value for your home.  Some of these improvements might require some planning and expertise, so be realistic what you can and can’t do yourself. None of these things should be rushed as that usually leads to botched results. And if you decide to do things yourself with the help of your partner and friends, make sure to do plenty of research before you start!

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