Summer is finally here, and it’s the perfect time to introduce some new-season comfort and style into your home. Your bedroom in particular, you want to be a haven from the long days of heat – cool, calm and stylish. These tips will help you to get a room that supports your sleep and helps you rest through the hot summer nights.

Dial Up The Cool

First of all, if you haven’t already tackled it, book in a tune-up for your air conditioning. Sweaty summer nights are the last time that you want to discover you need a hvac repair! Good maintenance is essential to keep your unit running nicely – so make sure that the wiring is inspected for any faults, the air conditioner filters are changed, and the refrigerant levels are checked and adjusted. This will not only prevent any emergencies, but it will also help to lower your electric bills and keep your bedroom cool at night, so you can sleep properly.

Change Your Window Dressing

Make your bedroom a much more cool and  pleasant place to sleep with the right window dressings. Pair a blackout blind with some light, sheer muslin curtains for the best effect. The idea is to let the light come streaming in when you want it, without letting too much heat the room up during the day so that it’s hot and stuffy when you need to sleep. At the high point of the sun, use your blackout blinds (they also come in handy to counter those early light mornings!). When the temperature lowers in the evening, raise the blinds and open the windows. The sheer curtains will let in the light while giving you privacy during long, light evenings.

Go Natural With Bedding

During the summer months, swap out your bed linen for natural fibers for a superior night’s sleep. Ditch any synthetic fabrics, as these are poorly ventilated and can stick to your skin. Pure cotton or bamboo sheets are great choices for hot nights – they’re breathable, allowing air flow around your

body, and absorb any perspiration as well. You want to also choose light colors, to make the room feel more airy, but also as dark sheets absorb sunlight and warmth, making your bed warm instead of cool and comfortable. If you really have problems sleeping, try looking into a temperature-regulating mattress too – these use hypoallergenic, natural materials to encourage airflow and prevent you overheating during the night.

Freshen Up The Decor

Summer is the perfect time to change up your bedroom decor. Pair crisp whites with bold colors – fuschia, aqua and orange to give your room a makeover and you a mood boost. Simply swapping in a new duvet cover, a colorful rug, some bright accent cushions or a lampshade can make all the difference. Don’t forget a beautiful fresh scent –  a reed diffuser or a plug in with citrus, coconut or lavender will really make your space feel fresh again.

Simple steps can make your bedroom a much more comfortable place to sleep during the summer months, and keep it looking good during lighter days and evenings.

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