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Traditionally, houses are sold, not built. Well, they are made and then auctioned off to the highest bidder. Anyway, the point is the classical way of obtaining a new property is to put in a bid. Forget building it from scratch; it’s too much hassle.

For all the stress and costs, there is no better way to move into the home of your dreams. Buying one that is close is an option, as is renovating, yet it will never feel right. It’s always going to be another person’s home.

Build it and they will come is the mantra dreamers should live by. Here are four ways to turn imagination into reality.

Plot The Land

The first step is to find a place where you can build without any objections. The land looks appealing, but take a glance under the hood and you’ll encounter problems. Normally, it’s the local neighbors who are afraid of change who have plenty to say. Not to you, but to the authorities. Sometimes, land may be protected which means you can’t change it regardless of ownership. Thankfully is a fantastic resource, as is if cheapness is important. For total assurance, speak to the state board and get confirmation.

Set A Budget

Let’s gloss over the finance. If you are at this point, you will have the money to build. The key is not finding cash but keeping it flowing. Making a dream home is expensive and costs will appear out of the blue. A budget should keep everything in check so that you can get to the end without any surprises. Okay, there will be a bombshell or two along the way, but they won’t be too nasty. Spending without a second thought is a surefire way to extend the project past the deadline. Take a look at for more.

Figure Out The Limits

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about neighbors from hell, then you’ll know the disputes center on the land. You crossed the line, literally, is the accusation which gets bounced around. With a home build, it’s hard to define the limits because there isn’t a fence or a property or anything; just a patch of grass. Visiting can help because they deal in property and right-of-way acquisitions. Once the company figures out the parameters, you can build without worrying about overstepping a line. Make sure you mark the borders to be sure of the boundaries.

Choose A Method

There are plenty of options at your disposal. The most popular one is to hire a lead contractor, but there are architects and project managers to consider too. If you prefer, you can take the lead and call the shots. The one you choose should depend on things such as money, experience and communication. Do you have the cash? Do you have the experience? Can you communicate what you want properly? If the answer is yes to all three, then it’s better to outsource. Otherwise, think about taking the reins.

Is your dream home clearer after reading these tips?

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