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Children learn by example, and what they are taught at an early age sticks with them for the rest of their lives. This particularly applies to eating habits, and you should establish healthy eating for the whole family from an early age. That is not to say the children should never have a sweet treat, as total deprivation can create a feeling of resentment and make them turn to them when the decision is in their hands. They should be occasional treats at special event times, such as birthdays, Christmas and perhaps when special visitors call.

Involve The Family In Meal Planning And Preparation

Involve the whole family in the planning of the meals before you go shopping. Discuss the options and give them choices so that they do not feel that certain foods are being foisted upon them. You need to make sure they get enough vitamins and nutrients, but there are always several fresh foods that will contain them. Taken the children with you and let them pick their favorite fruit, so they can snack on them if they get a bit peckish.

Most children enjoy cooking so involve them in the food preparation as well. Let them see how the fresh foods you bought are turned into tasty meals, as this will stay with them for a very long time.

Teach them how to make the food look good too, and then it will be much more appealing to the entire family.

Change Drinking Habits Too

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Kids love coke and other fizzy drinks, but they are not good for them at all. They are bad for their teeth and have so much sugar and toxins they are better off without them. Just as flavorsome, and much healthier is flavored water with no sugar. Keep a few of these in your fridge and you will soon find the children get to prefer them, and the soda drinks become a thing of the past. The fruit flavored waters are more refreshing and do not leave an aftertaste in your mouth.

Encourage Each Other

Healthier eating will automatically result in some weight loss, but if one member of the family needs to lose a bot more than the rest, encourage them all the way. It can help all more than one family member has a goal to work to, but just make sure that the losses are pretty even so as not to discourage the one who has the most weight to lose, particularly of it is a child.

Don’t Hide Healthy Snacks

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Keep the healthy snacks in full view of everyone, and the unhealthy ones hidden away out of sight. A fruit bowl with grapes, apples, pears and other delicious fruits will encourage the family to eat them when they feel the need for a snack.

Do Not Create A Battlefield

Do not argue with your children over food, example and encouragement are the bywords that should come to mind, as arguing with them can just make them feel negative about the healthier options.

It might take some time and some pretty small baby steps, but if you can implement all of the above, your whole family will be far healthier.

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