As we approach the end of the year, it’s understandable that our minds are wandering to the new year ahead. You might be making those all-important new year’s resolutions or even just making plans or setting yourself goals. Something that could be on your mind is your relationship. Many people in long-term relationships start to consider their future and what they might do going forward. Perhaps thinking about marriage or starting a family. If it’s a wedding your anchoring after then and you find yourself in this situation, hoping to take the next step in your relationship, here are some tips to put the wedding plans in motion.


Start talking about the subject of weddings and see what reaction you get

Sometimes you just both need to be on the same page when it comes to taking the next step in your relationship. So see how the land lies and start talking about the prospect of marriage and the future you both have. It will be very clear to see how things are judging on the reaction of the other person. In these sorts of situations often your partner isn’t aware of what the other person is thinking or feeling about a particular subject. So opening up the lines of communication on the wedding subject could be just enough to get the ball in motion and to start planning your big day.

Take matters into your own hands when it comes to getting engaged

Sometimes we just have to take matters into our own hands. Your partner may be too scared to pop the question or fears that you might not say the big yes word. So if you feel that it is appropriate, then you could propose yourself. There are a lot of advantages to this, such as choosing your own ring. Websites like could prove to be very informative. You could opt for an elaborate proposal or keep things simple by popping the question at home, in bed or even while you are eating your breakfast. The options are endless, but this could help you set the wheels in motion for getting married.

Decide on the type of wedding you want in advance

If you are more than happy to drop hints and wait for your partner to ask you the all important question then why not get ahead of yourself by deciding some of the big factors. This could make the whole wedding planning much easier to do. You don’t need to choose the venue or pick out your dress unless you want to of course. But deciding on the type of wedding you want, the size and even the time of year could help entice your partner to ask.

Start putting money away to make the financial cost less of an impact

Finally, weddings cost a fair bit of money, no matter what your budget is I am sure it is a huge amount of money personally to you. So save yourself that big financial impact and start saving now for your big day. Even just putting small amounts away each week or month will add up over time. This could encourage your partner to ask seeing as though you are thinking about the future and planning ahead.

I hope this helps you take your relationship to the next step.

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