Have you ever gone to the card store and found that all you see is generic designs? Many of them look nice but there’s a large probability that you will see them around a lot. How would it look if you gave someone you love a card that they have already seen be given to other multiple times over? It’s going to be as if you don’t care or want to make the effort to show them you care. To that end, it doesn’t have to be over the top either. You need not shower your card with as much silver glitter as possible and make it as large and fancy as possible. Yet many cards that are unique or look as if they have taken a little bit of time to put together cost obscenely amounts in stores. Perhaps this Christmas you should take the leap into making your own Christmas cards but only for a select few people. Get creative and have fun while making the cards, it’s not too late you still have a couple of weeks left!

The things you need

The first thing you require are A3 or A4 sheets of double thick crafting card. You may wish to have them laminated or simply buy them already laminated. However this will mean you’ll have to do the cutting carefully if you going to design them with accessories later. It’s better to cut the card into your design first then have it laminated so the design and drawings cannot be altered so easily. Liquids won’t harm it either; an altogether more long-lasting Christmas card. Felt Tip pens, crayons, sticky paper, stickers, glitter, bobbles, and anything else you can think of to create the design with you will need.

The shaping tools

Next comes the shaping. For example you have drawn the outline of a snowman as the actual shape of your card. You’ll need to cut it out which means using an accurate but easy-to-use cutter. Something like a vinyl cutter from vinylcuttingmachineguide.com would do just nicely as you can set the cutting to an almost finite level. The machine will follow the design set out and will use a small but very sharp cutter to slice through even laminated card. Have handy a pair of industrial fabric scissors so you can easily cut through the card the other materials that will go either on the outside or inside of the Christmas card.

A little something heartfelt

Personalized cards aren’t just unique in design, they have a meaning behind them that matters to the person you’re giving them to. Write a personalized message in between the ‘to’ and ‘from’. It has to be something that is short, straight to the point but is heartfelt and genuine. This way the card will be remembered in more ways than one. The message inside should make the card what it is and reflect the style such as the snowman in motion of giving a hug or blowing a kiss.

Getting a personalized Christmas card is like a gift in itself. It took time to think of, make and write a great message inside. It’s not the kind of thing you would throw away, but rather cherish as a fond memory.

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