When you have kids to look after, a job to do, and a husband to care for making the house look beautiful can be the furthest thing from your mind. However, it certainly can save a lot of stress and make your home a more pleasant place if you keep it as nice as possible. Luckily, there are some quick and easy ways to do this that you can fit in around everything else. Read on to find out what they are.


Use a basket system

One tactic that is indispensable when trying to keep your home looking its best is to use a system of baskets. The idea behind this is that when you have some decorative baskets in every room, you don’t get as much loose clutter messing up the place.

The great thing about the basket system is that it can work in any room, including those that the kids play. What this means is that you can tidy up quickly if someone is coming over, and still keep everything organized.

Of course for it to work, you do need to take a little time each week to clear the baskets and start again from fresh. You can even keep one at the bottom of the stairs and then when it gets full, then carry it up to be unloaded. Something that stops you having to go up and down stairs all the time to keep things tidy.  

Keep the foundations looking good

I’m not talking about the foundation under your house here, but the basics of each room. Yes, if you keep the walls, floors, and fittings clean and in good condition, it makes it so much easier to ensure that your home looks its best!

Of course, some rooms are easier to do this in than others. In fact when it comes to the trickier spaces you home, especially ones that include plumbing it can be useful to recruit the help of a professional kitchen remodeler to ensure you get the best finish. After all, if you get the basics right, it will be so much easier to keep your home looking in tip-top shape.

Chore sheets

Chore sheets are another tactic that can help you ensure your home look its best at all times. All you need to do is agree with the kids what they need to do each week and then find a way of tracking that they have completed these jobs. Something you may wish to reward with points or an allowance.

The benefit here is two-fold, as well, because not only does it remove some of the pressure on you, but it also teaches the children about responsibility too.

Decorative touches

Lastly, when it comes to keeping your home looking beautiful, it’s vital that you pay attention to decorative touches. The decorations that you use needn’t be huge or brash items either. In fact, a few pieces like family photos, house plants, or even prints from your favorite artists can make all the difference to the ambiance if your house, helping it, effortlessly to feel like a beautiful home.


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