We have all had experiences with depression, whether minor or major. And we’ve all had our own methods of coping with it. One of the most common ones is self-medicating, and this can be through many different methods, from alcohol, to food. But self-medicating starts off a very dangerous cycle, one that it can be very difficult to break out of. So, when does it get out of hand?

Going One Step Further

When we medicate ourselves to not feel pain, we can get used to the medication. As a result, we end up going one step further each time to make sure it takes the edge off. But before you know it, the method chosen will backfire. Whether medicating yourself with alcohol means you get arrested for impaired driving, or your health suffers as a result, the fact is we can easily get acclimatized to the medication. From there, we look for stronger and stronger forms in which to stop ourselves facing the truth.

Hurting The Ones You Love

You don’t realize it, because you’re trapped in your own bubble, but every action you take is hurting everyone that cares about you. It can be very sobering to see exactly what you’re putting someone through, but we don’t tend to get an appreciation of this until it’s too late, or an intervention is made. Because we think that self-medicating depression is a very successful method for us, because we’re not feeling the thoughts as strongly as we are used to, we don’t tend to think about the ones around us who are going through the emotional wringer because of what you doing to yourself.

You Become Unsure Of Yourself

As you increase your medication dose, you slowly begin to spiral out of control. As a result, you’re not always sure of your own actions anymore. When it comes to medicating yourself with drink and drugs, the overriding goal is to feel like you aren’t in your body anymore. When you start to cause more social faux pas, and people begin to struggle with you, it is at that point where reality can hit.

Because self-medicating is a way for us to deal with what’s going on in our heads, it’s a sign that we aren’t ready to open up properly. It seems that now, there is still a bit of a stigma on mental health, and while there are many platforms available in which to talk about your problems, if the people in your immediate social circle, or your family aren’t very forthcoming, it’s hardly a surprise that you are self-medicating. When you are in these situations in life, taking the time to work on yourself is the best place to begin. If you aren’t ready to admit that you are self-medicating, then think about ways to break the cycle. Exercise has shown to be one of those great relievers of depression, but it might not be enough at this stage. Understanding you are self-medicating is the first part of breaking down the problem and escaping the cycle.

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