Children that grow up without a sense of worth, are most likely to not appreciate the little things. When you cannot appreciate the small triumphs and happiness in life, then you might not have much worth for when something really important occurs to you. It’s a sense of being lost, not having much time for anything and not caring for anything either. At least, not on a deeper level which you can understand the basis of life from. A child that has grown up poor, will never be the type of adult to throw away food that’s still on the plate just because they’re full. They will cleanly wrap the food up and eat it next time they are hungry. That is a certain level of respect for themselves and also an acknowledgement of how precious life is. An adult that is wasteful, will put themselves in a position whereby they can’t handle hardship and survive when times get rough. Start by showing your children what rewards mean and why this matters. The concepts of appreciation and hard work can be understood at a young age through good parenting.

Waiting isn’t waiting

Patience and hard work go together. You have to work hard and continue to do so if you want good things to come your way. Have you ever told your children to wait until they do something before they get something in return? A simple way to do this is to offer them a reward such as a barbecue in the evening. They will be excited that they are going to get some delicious food. However, then ask them to do a chore such as collecting all the leaves in the garden and putting them in the trash. This means that they have to wait on themselves to do something before they can really get what they want. In a sense, waiting isn’t waiting, it’s a requirement of self-reliance. The children have to do something and complete the task before they get a treat. It’s up to them when they want to do it, but it better be before the barbecue gets eaten up. They can do it in the morning on a weekend, in the afternoon or in the evening before dinner. They have a window, it’s up to them to use that time wisely.

Rewarding with sustenance

The reason why food can be used as a reward over and over is because you can only buy your kids so many toys and clothes. Food tantalizes a sense which is taste, and it can be done so over and over and over again. However since this can be done so frequently, you don’t want to bust your wallet either. Check out the discount gift cards for sale which have many different food chains offering discount cards and coupons. Some go up to around 20% or more, so you can save quite a bit the next time you need your children to do a big task for you.

Children that grow up without appreciating the little things, will become adults that don’t know the meaning of hard work. Introduce your kids to the concepts of hard work and reward and they will never become wasteful.

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