The fact that you are on this site and on this post, shows that you have an interest in wanting to become better and perhaps make some changes. And the desire for change is really the catalyst that is going to make the difference. It can be very well to sit there talking about things that you could change. But the desire and the want to do it, is what is going to actually make the difference. Changes to become a better person can mean a leap of faith, taking some risks and thinking a little differently. It is an exciting adventure to be on! Here are some of the things that could help to get you started.

Impact on Others

On your step to becoming a better person, have you thought about the impact you may have on those around you? The things that you say, or have said, do have an impact, for good or bad. But is the impact that you create a positive one? Look to lift those people around you, and not tear them down. Use words wisely and kindly, and not to hurt. It will make more people want to be around you, and make you a better person overall. When you shine, others will shine too.


Impact on Yourself

When you treat others badly it can have a really negative impact on them. But when you treat yourself badly, it can have a negative impact on you too. Your health, both physical and mental can be impacted when you don’t see yourself as worthy or as a child of God. You may find yourself feeling depressed or suffering with things like anxiety. So seek the help you need, perhaps through counselling or something like Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, otherwise known as TMS Therapy. Take steps to look after your wellbeing, as well as of those around you. Putting yourself as a priority, along with those around you, is going to help you to be a better person.

Serve Others

As we are told in the scriptures, when we serve others, it is like we are serving Christ. So look for opportunities to help others and serve. Some opportunities will be more obvious than others, such as a friend that has had a new baby, or a neighbor that has had an operation. It would make sense to take them a meal or help them out in some way. There are also organizations that you can sign up to help with people all around the world, or local community organizations if you’re not sure how to serve. It is making the effort that will count.

Show Appreciation

It can take a couple of seconds to let someone know how much you value them or appreciate them. But so many of us neglect to do it. Doing small things to those around you can have a great effect on them. Even just to people you come into contact with at the store; show your appreciation.

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