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There are very few guarantees in life. However, if you have children, then you can pretty much guarantee your home will be full of clutter. It’s just the way it is; they have loads of belongings, and they rarely clean up after themselves. You may try and keep things neat and tidy, but you live a busy life and don’t always have the time. In fact, as you try and juggle all the important things in your life, you may even slip into bad habits and create clutter around the home too!

As I’m sure you’re aware, clutter can cram your home full of stuff that makes it look less appealing. Every room seems more closed in and smaller when there’s stuff everywhere – it can put you in a bad mood. So, to help you breathe new life into your home, here are a few of my favorite decluttering tips that work like magic!

Get Rid Of Something Every Day

Most homes are full of things that you don’t need or use anymore. Think about how many toys your child has lying around that they rarely touch because they’re playing Fortnite all the time instead! Think about all the clothes you may have clogging up your closet, meaning you have to hang clothes around your bedroom or have folded piles everywhere. I guarantee you don’t need all your clothes, so you should think about getting rid of some.

The problem is, most people become mentally attached to items, and hate the thought of getting rid of them. While it can make things move a lot quicker when you get loads of unnecessary things together and get rid of them, this rarely happens. Instead, think about getting rid of one or two things every day. Each day, go around your home and pick two things you don’t need, then throw them out or donate them to charity. Slowly but surely, you’ll rid your home of things that aren’t necessary, and just take up too much space.

Laundry baskets help get clothes off the floor. Flickr

Put Laundry Baskets In Everyone’s Bedroom

Dirty laundry may as well take up a role as your part-time carpet. I swear laundry spends more time on the floor than anywhere else. We know why,everyone gets lazy and just leaves clothes on their bedroom floor. Kids are the worst at this – I’d like to think we adults have more control and know when to put things away! In an ideal world, I’d love to build a laundry chute in the home that’s connected to every room and means people can put their clothes in it and they end up by the washer.

Unfortunately, this probably isn’t possible. But, the next best thing is getting some small laundry baskets to put in every bedroom. Now, there’s no excuse for dirty laundry lying everywhere. Your children just have to put their dirty clothes in the baskets, and you can take them to be washed when you’re ready. It’s a simple tip, but it works wonders and gets dirty laundry off the floor.

Use Trays To Keep Tables/Desks Neat

Tables and desks are usually the most cluttered places in your home. If you have a dressing table in your bedroom, then it can quickly be full of so many different things. You may have makeup products littered around it, you could have spare change on there, jewelry, and other bits and bobs that you just put there because you haven’t got time to actually put them away. The same goes for desks in your home or even coffee tables.

The best advice here is to get your hands on some lovely trays that you can place on these surfaces. If you take a look at an online catalog, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of trays that come in many styles, designs, and sizes. The reason you want these is to bring a sense of neatness to your clutter. Instead of throwing everything in a pile on a table, you now have a small tray for different things. You could have a tray to put change and house keys, a tray for jewelry, one for your makeup brushes – and so on. It means you don’t have to waste time putting things back in their individual homes, but you avoid making these surfaces seem very cluttered. You’ll be amazed at how neat a table/desk looks when things are stored in trays rather than scattered along the surface.

Storage like this can help prevent cluttered hallways. Wikimedia

Find Storage Solutions To Keep Things Organized

Following on from the above point, you should also start thinking about different storage solutions to keep your home organized. Clutter falls into two categories; things you don’t need, and things you do need. We’ve already touched upon how you can get rid of things you don’t need, so now we need to think about organizing the stuff you’ll keep. The best way to do this is with storage solutions designed for specific things.

For example, get some shoe racks or boxes to keep everyone’s shoes and sneakers neat and tidy. This stops them from cluttering up bedrooms or laying around your entrance hall. Get some bookcases to store books and DVD’s or video games that are always left lying around the house. There are large storage boxes you can get to store kid’s toys, or think about some large drawers that could fit under their bed. You should make a list of all the problem areas in your home/ all the main things that are constantly left out. Then, consider storage options to counter them, and get your necessary clutter away from your living spaces.

I wish I knew these tips years ago as it would’ve saved me a lot of time and effort. While everything on this list will definitely help, there’s one other thing you should bear in mind too. Start teaching your children to tidy up after themselves, and it ensures they put things away and avoid leaving a mess. Yes, it’s a hard task, but it’s worth drilling this message into their minds!

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