A renovation project is a necessary evil. For homeowners selling their property, it adds value and increases the selling price. Or, for the ones staying put, it makes living there that touch more comfortable. A home is a castle so it should be incredibly welcoming.

In the beginning, knocking down walls and fitting new flooring never seems too daunting. Once the work begins and there are delays, the stress starts to build and cause problems. There are constant arguments, as well as worrying about the finished article.

Dealing with the stress of a renovation is by no means straightforward, but with the tips underneath it’s about to get a lot simpler.

Outsource To A Pro

The best tip is to hire a management team to take care of the building work. There are plenty on the market, from Francis Interiors to Michael S Smith Inc. Luxdeco has a list if you need inspiration. The point is that they are experts with years of experience. As a result, the right manager should be able to guide you through the process relatively stress-free. Be sure to research potential partners before hiring their services. A savvy tip is to use recommendations to avoid scams. Also, interview a handful and don’t go with the first one you find.

Be Financially Flexible

One of the major causes of stress is due to money. Unforeseen circumstances pop up out of nowhere and it’s costly. The people with a strict budget are going to feel this the most because they don’t want to overspend. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to stick to a budget as there is scope for extra expenses. With that in mind, try and be flexible with the costs. Don’t spend more than you can afford but do try and save extra in case of a glitch. Around 5% to 7% is the standard according to Time.

Accept Mistakes But Not The Price

As this post has pointed out, things will go wrong and all you can do is accept the new timeline. But, be wary of contractors who try to add the extras onto the bill. After all, they are in charge of ordering materials and it is their fault if they are wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay for the wrong door knobs because they lost focus. And, it isn’t only the little features as the big ones may appear on your tab, too. Be clear that their errors are their problem, not yours.

Move Out

Lots of people want to stay at home while the remodel happens, and it’s to their detriment. Think about any project you can guarantee that it will be incredibly stressful. Sure, moving out because a new kitchen is going in is a touch over-the-top; however, it depends on the person. Do dust and clutter stress you out and make you antsy? If so, being around a glorified building site for ten days may not help your cortisol levels. Alternatively, you can take a break at the weekend and stay in a hotel room.

Are you a stress-head? How do you plan on coping?

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