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Trying to be the best parent you can be is difficult. You may be forever second guessing your choices and over analyzing the way you choose to raise your kids. However, if you put your child at the center of every decision you make, and have nothing but positive motivations, you can’t fail to be a good parent. There is a fine line between being supportive and being pushy. Simply because your little darling shows promise in drama doesn’t mean you should be inquiring at the nationally renowned theater school without even consulting your child to see if this is what he or she wants. It’s vital that to be a responsible parent that you are a supportive parent. Take a look at these simple ways you can be sure of exuding the best parenting skills that you possess.

Learn To Say No

Even though you might be keen on providing for your little cherubs, you cannot give them everything they want. Just because the latest smartphone has hit the shelves and your offspring would like it in his or her pocket the day it is released doesn’t mean that you should be fulfilling this want. By always giving your child whatever they want, they will become spoiled, they won’t learn to appreciate the value of money and the self entitlement that they feel will make them arrogant and unpleasant to be around. Don’t go to the other extreme and only provide the bare essentials but learn to ‘treat’ your kids so they appreciate surprises and can be rewarded for achievements and excellent behavior.


Being a supportive parent means having an open door policy. You need to be a listening ear when your child has a problem, offer up solutions and just be there. Your presence alone and knowing that you are there to support them can be comforting and reassuring to your child.

When learning the value of money, it’s important to compromise with your offspring. When they shift from sweet little angel to hormonal teenager, they may be keen embark on a more adult lifestyle. They will be keen to enjoy more freedom and socialize more. In doing so, your offspring may be eager to take driving lessons. Don’t head out and buy them a set of wheels just because it is what they want. Offer to explore car loan rates and encourage them to raise at least half of the cash for a motor. While this may take time, it will enable them to learn the lesson of frugality, saving their cash and the buzz of accomplishment when you can eventually take them to a showroom to pick up their new set of wheels.

Being a supportive parent is a tricky balance. You need to remember that you are not your son or daughter’s best friend – you are their guide, their listening ear, their disciplinarian, their moral compass, their support and their source of unconditional love. Knowing that you are there for them and always endeavoring to do the best for them will be enough to validate your supportive parent credentials.

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